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    Our friends at ( especially Mark ( Big thumbs up !) sends us the jpeg scan of an article which appeared a few years back at their fine site. It deals with the Fogelma story.

    Please give the Jersey dudes a visit. Even better, keep an eye out for their merch and their t.v. program.

    Thanks again to Mark at WeirdNJ

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    Oh me, Howard, I spent a lot of time trying to find out anything about Fogelma. Even the name is a little obtuse. I wondered, at one point, if it might have been Foglema, Fogleman, Fogelman, Vogelma, etc. It's an intriguing story, isn't it?

    Thanks for the link.


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      Not that she need any help from me...but Nina went nuts yesterday trying to locate anyone with the Vogelman name. I think the story is bogus,since as Stan Russo states in his "Jack The Ripper: The Suspects", (MacFarland Publishing) its strange that it took almost a quarter of a century for the interested student of criminology at Morris Plains to reveal what he knew.

      You're welcome,Cellie....
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        Yes, Vogelman was another and also Vogleman. Those were a little more productive.

        It sure looks like it was bogus. I've not heard of anything being turned up on this at all. Not even good candidates for the women have turned up anywhere, have they? The bit about Foglema showing off his JtR clippings is such a good hook for the likes of me, who loves a mystery, and of course the writer knew that.

        At one time, I think I found the name or something very close to it on a sort of online Norwegian dictionary. When I went back to check again, it wasn't online or was shut down temporarily, or something. I kept wishing I knew someone in Norway, who might could find out something about this name.

        Another time, I found some info related to asylums and went through that looking for any kind of clue in Morris Plains and other institutions. There were some interesting things, but nothing that I could in anyway relate to our boy.

        Wait a minute, isn't Lars Norwegian? she asked.


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          Bump up....

          I'm wondering whether anyone knows if there are names approximate in pronunciation to Fogelma in Swedish or Finnish.
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            The ending on that name could be all sorts of things. Foglema = Vogelman makes a lot of sense but the ending could have a lot of sounds and spellings like m, më, mä, mü, mje. (I finally correctly used my international keyboard and there is the umlaut used for something other than quote marks.)

            What about this being a Dutch name? We have put a lot of effort into understanding Dutch spellings. A Dutch spelling could be something like Vogljmje. (Of course a supposed G sound can = C, K, CH, KH, and a raft of other sounds and spellings. In some languages it appears J in the middle or end of a word just sort of holds the place or indicates correct pronunciation of letters around it.)

            A sailor could have been any nationality but claimed a Norwegian home base. If the fellow was crazy he could have been from anywhere, perhaps the product of one or more Norwegian parents. Or maybe he spent a winter or two in a Norwegian insane asylum or prison.

            When asked her name in jail, a drunk Catherine Eddowes replied, ¨Nothing.¨ Foglema could mean a whole lot of things, coming from a lunatic.

            I know someone online I can ask about this but I know we have native speakers of these languages and eagerly await their input. I also think Gergely could be a good resource because he has such a great knowledge of some very difficult languages.
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