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  • JtR Definitive Story DVD

    Hi All

    Just to let people know that the DVD will be released soon. I was in conversation with our Distribution company yesterday who have requested a series of changes to the Artwork.

    It will be released as a 90 minute version to start. But may not be up on Amazon for a few weeks.

    Good news is that there are other plans afoot for longer play versions and related products. But that all I can say for now.

    However as i noticed a few complaints on another forum I would be grateful if the message could be spread that its in the pipeline and completed. It just needs someone to come up with a release date...

    Prices being discussed are £9.99. But I'm afraid I cant even confirm that at present. All I can give is assurances to keep as affordable as possible.

    I'll keep this thread updated over the coming weeks.

    Yours Jeff

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    I shall spread the word Jeff.



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      Let me know when a link to Amazon is available and I will put it up on the front page of the Casebook Wiki for awhile.


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        That would be great guys.

        The DVD is ready. But we're currently working on another project which is delaying the art work.

        But it will all become clear before the Olympics

        Yours Jeff


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          Just a comment on the additional features: A making of movie was filmed by Laura Prieto and John Bennett. And additional footage does exist that was not used. Philip Hutchinson on Location, Paul Begg interviews and much more from Nevil Swanson about his Great Grandfather.

          However this is going to take some time to Edit from scratch. What we might do if this is done is create a seperate disc that could be purchased so you dont need to buy the program twice..

          Thats my thinking for now



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            thanks for the update Jeff, its sounding cool
            "be just and fear not"


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              Hi Everyone

              Its occured to me that some people might be wondering whats happened to the DVD ?

              Well the program itself has been ready for release for some time. However BEL have been working with a mobile app company on a new Mobile App game called Track the Ripper.

              This game is due for release with this summers 2012 Olympics.

              The aim is that anyone can go to the Eastend and play the game at location and then either watch, download or buy the DVD.

              I attach the new art work. As you can see there is just the qR code to be added.

              But it will be available from our new website:

              All up and coming over the next few weeks with information on new projects

              PS I believe Stephen Thomas has a DVD so it would be good to know if it played and worked correctly?

              Yours Jeff
              Creative Development BEL Ltd

              PS Having problems uploading teh art work so I've sent it to Howard with a request for him to upload...sorry How


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                  Is the DVD likely to be available from your regular DVD retailers as well, or for online sales only? Sure would be sweet if I could just walk into Kmart and see it for sale there....



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                    Very fine. This looks to be a must have for any Ripperologist's collection.

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                      Crime investigation UK

                      Hi All

                      I've just had a tip off that the Definitive Story is on Crime Investigation Channel tonight at 9 Oclock

                      and again at 10 O'clock for apprentice Fans

                      Yours Jeff


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                        Bloody hell not that improves with age


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                          Jack the Ripper the Definitive Story DVD

                          Hi All

                          BEL ltd now have an account on Amazon. I made my first attempt at uploading a marketing but it might take a while to come online

                          Release Date 1st July 2012

                          There will be a launch Party on 29th June at Dirty Dicks in London

                          Please contact me if you wish to attend. There will be some free beer and hopefully a talk by artist Jake Luukanan.

                          Watch this space

                          Yours Jeff


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                            Hi jeff,

                            Ever think about putting this on the likes of iTunes so people could buy it or even rent it online?


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                              Hi String

                              Its a possible thought? However we are hoping to set up our own VOD page on

                              I'm still trying to get the DVD out at present

                              Why dont you try and make the Dirty Dicks event on the 29th?

                              Yours Jeff