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Was The Ripper In Worthing ? * Clips From Rob Clack

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  • Was The Ripper In Worthing ? * Clips From Rob Clack

    Many thanks to RC for sharing these on the FB page !

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    Thanks for sharing, Rob.

    I ave never heard that description of a suspect before, with brown cardigan with red spots. Were the red spots knitted in or is that an allusion to blood?

    As far as I am concerned, we have never really gotten to the bottom of the comment that a PC near Mitre Square was the only person to get a good look at the murderer/JtR. Could this be that description?

    I wonder the source of the description that caused Edwards' mother to faint?

    I know first hand what it is like to think someone in close proximity is a murderer. I can easily explain why I think a neighbor or mine many years ago was a serial killer. I have several direct reasons and a after a couple murders in town there seemed to be trails of evidence leading right toward my address--or next door where the man lived. The pieces seem to fit but, though my former neighbor is serving life without parole for a brutal murder of a woman, I think law enforcement does not think he committed certain other murders.

    My point is, it is easy to think you have a connection when an odd, mysterious thing in your life seems like it OUGHT to be connected to a big, publicized mystery. Cousin Frank in the story had a bloody razor and collar in his attache case. The collar was probably a man's detachable collar and it has always been said JtR used a long, thin bladed knife, not a razor. Cousin Frank may have been up to something that night but not necessarily a JtR murder or any murder.
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      Well, my money's on Ernest Worthing.


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        Here's what George Edwards looked like, if anyone is interested. Someone was selling this old clipping on eBay a few months ago. The source wasn't named, but I think it may have been the Argus from 1959.

        The article gives one piece of information that isn't found elsewhere; it states that the 1888 description of a suspect wearing a bowler hat, brown cardigan, etc., published after the 'double event' had supposedly appeared in the Evening Argus, (a Brighton newspaper founded in 1880) but one naturally wonders if Edwards' memories didn't change over the years, and it was simply the famous or infamous description of Packer's suspect, originally printed in the Daily Telegraph.

        Click image for larger version

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          Although from West Sussex, I noticed that the Edwards did have an East End connection.

          George's uncle Charles ran the Kings Arms at 230 Mile End Road in 1881-1882, but appears to have moved back to Sussex by 1891. But his only two children were young daughters, so this couldn't have had anything to do with cousin "Frank."

          Kings Arms, 230 Mile End Road, Mile End E1 (