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Was The Ripper In Worthing ? * Clips From Rob Clack

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  • Was The Ripper In Worthing ? * Clips From Rob Clack

    Many thanks to RC for sharing these on the FB page !

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    Thanks for sharing, Rob.

    I ave never heard that description of a suspect before, with brown cardigan with red spots. Were the red spots knitted in or is that an allusion to blood?

    As far as I am concerned, we have never really gotten to the bottom of the comment that a PC near Mitre Square was the only person to get a good look at the murderer/JtR. Could this be that description?

    I wonder the source of the description that caused Edwards' mother to faint?

    I know first hand what it is like to think someone in close proximity is a murderer. I can easily explain why I think a neighbor or mine many years ago was a serial killer. I have several direct reasons and a after a couple murders in town there seemed to be trails of evidence leading right toward my address--or next door where the man lived. The pieces seem to fit but, though my former neighbor is serving life without parole for a brutal murder of a woman, I think law enforcement does not think he committed certain other murders.

    My point is, it is easy to think you have a connection when an odd, mysterious thing in your life seems like it OUGHT to be connected to a big, publicized mystery. Cousin Frank in the story had a bloody razor and collar in his attache case. The collar was probably a man's detachable collar and it has always been said JtR used a long, thin bladed knife, not a razor. Cousin Frank may have been up to something that night but not necessarily a JtR murder or any murder.
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      Well, my money's on Ernest Worthing.