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Why Couldn't The Police Catch Jack The Ripper? (YouTube)

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    Are you talking romulus and remus, yes maybe I am ,I wonder what Syrble would think! Michael maybric it is then ,the actor re manchester murders, did he go to Emma Smiths inquest on the 14th April then goes to Horwich for a gig (Hor wich) so if he was, near to where jane Hodgson was murdered, ( re manchester gig), did the police at the time have any masons in their ranks?


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      Re the home office stamp nov6 1888 the writing on it? And the dear boss letter?


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        Was the actor brother in the usa when carrie brown was murdered? If I'm right you have your jack only, was there,


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          Originally posted by Brian Allan View Post
          Are you talking romulus and remus, yes maybe I am
          I'm talking about the Beast of Gevaudan and Jean Chastel - Wikipedia.

          Halloween Special - The true story of the Beast of Gévaudan (

          He is the game​s keeper who is suspected of creating the Beast of Gevaudan, a trained dog hybrid to kill shepherd girls and terrorize France. He could have done it in concert with other high-class people.