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    Originally posted by Stan Russo View Post

    We will go one step at a time.

    Do you accept that I acknowledge the threatening letter mentioned by Swanson was not the letter I thought it was?

    I only ask because you continue to bring it up despite my mentioning numerous times, in this debate, that I understand in was an error in calucluation.
    Yes, I accept that.

    However, you asked why I thought your theory collapsed because the threatening letter wasn't what you thought it was, so I pointed out that even if Macnaghten saw material he was not authorised to see, if there was no evdence that he made a fuss and vexed Anderson about it then there would be no reason to suppose that Anderson would have had to invent the suspect identification story to stop Macnaghten pursuing it, thus your theory collapseed because for all we know Macnaghten saw material he was fully authorised to see, behaved stictly according to the rules of disclosure and did not need to be dissuaded from pursuing any inquiries. End of story.


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      Okay then, I guess the story and debate are ended.