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Quiz Round 3: October 25-31

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  • Quiz Round 3: October 25-31

    Hi everyone!

    For those of you who were interested in participating in another quiz, the good news is that it's about to get underway. The new quiz will run for a week and will begin from tomorrow (October 25th.) The topic will be At The Movies. The questions are being prepared right now, so watch this space over the next day and they'll be posted. Please remember that if you would like to participate but don't feel comfortable posting your answers on here publicly, you can always e-mail them to me at [email protected] . No scores will be made known, just the name of the winner.

    I hope to see lots of people getting involved! Good luck, and enjoy!


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    Hi Adam

    I think the only way a quiz will work is if everyone who enters mails their answers to you. Posting answers on the boards seems counter-productive.



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      Hi again everyone!

      Robert: That's a good point. Thanks.
      Ok, everyone who would like to participate in this quiz, please e-mail your answers to me at [email protected] , or if you'd rather, send them via PM. The winner(s) will be announced on this thread.

      And here it is...enjoy!!


      1.) Classis war film The Longest Day was made in what year?

      2.) Which film character famously (or perhaps infamously) said: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" ?

      3.) Up until now, how many movies have been made in the Police Academy series?

      4.) The 1988 JTR mini-series was also the last film which actor appeared in before his death? (Extra point if you can name the character he portrayed in JTR.)

      5.) Which actress played the part of Cruella De Ville in 101 Dalmations ?

      6.) Alright, I couldn't resist throwing in just one Aussie movie question....what was the name of the most recent of the Crocodile Dundee movies? (Extra point if you can answer the year it was made in.)

      7.) The movie Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves and Bryan Adams have what song in common?

      8.) Time for a toughie....complete the following description Jim Carrey gave of one of his bosses in the movie Liar Liar:
      "He's a pedantic, pretentious old bastard....."

      9.) 80's movie comedy series Porky's was set where in America?

      10.) And now to finish with a nice, easy which country was the ship model used in Titanic (1997) built?


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        Only 2 days left to get your answers in for this competition everyone, and so far, just the 1 person has participated again - thanks to Night Stalker for having a go!
        Don't let him be the only one, people...



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          Hi everyone,

          Having already allowed this competition to go on for far longer than it should have (over a week now), and still only receiving the 1 set of answers, I'm pleased to say that Night Stalker is the winner of this competition.

          Congratulations N.S.!! And thanks for your participation.