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    Oh balls on that answer ! I still say it was Ma and Pa Baxter from Bumpkin,Texas.

    Good going Sam.
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      Originally posted by Nemo View Post

      No.5 The man donates his own horse to make the total 18. The first brother gets 1/2 which is 9 horses, the second gets 1/3 which is 6 horses, the third gets 1/9 which is 2 horses.

      9+6+2 = 17 horses

      Which means there is one left which is the stranger's horse so he can take it back.
      Hmm. I knew this was going to be the solution, and it may have been to everyone's satisfaction, but it would not have adhered strictly to the old boy's wishes, since the first brother would end up with 9/17 (not 1/2), the second with 6/17 (not 1/3) and the third 2/17 (not 1/9) of his horses.

      So they may as well have taken 5 horses each and given the helpful stranger the remaining 2 for his trouble, since their dad had not exactly played fair.


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        I've found the answer to the sheep thingy!

        Another bit of a groaner I'm afraid

        There's a reference to the puzzle here, the puzzle being P505, and the answer being entitled "oooooh; the pens weren't empty at the beginning"

        So I imagine there are 4 pens and one already has a sheep in it...

        Perhaps someone can trace the full answer in the Weekly Dispatch 26/7/1903