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Help Request :The Tomas Romero Letter

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  • Help Request :The Tomas Romero Letter

    From Jose Oranto :

    I'm trying to find a document, which I don't know if it exists. This is from "sourcebook": "A Spanish contender appeared in early December 1888 and the official file (Ref. HO144 / 221 / A49301D, f81) cover reads as follows:
    This document is translated from Spanish and although I can translate it, my translation would never be exact to the original letter. Some time ago I was on the trail of this man, I found his biography and a photograph of him. I tried to get in touch with a descendant who might shed some light on this matter, but the only one who was located died a while ago. However, the "biographer" of this man had no idea about this letter (I never told him what the letter was about, I only mentioned that it was sent by Tomas Romero on November 26, 1888 to the Home Office in relation to the time he lived in the UK). Although at the moment there is no hope of finding out the name of the suspect of this Mr. Romero, I would like to be able to read the letter in its original language so that I can transcribe it literally in my files. I am attaching a photograph of this man. Do you happen to know anything about this matter? Do you know if that letter exists in Spanish? your files are huge, I thought you might have it.