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    And, Robert, his grand battleship not a few years after.
    Whenever I read a document that has several points of reference to a document written some 25 years later and there is a claim that the two are not related, my alarm bells start ringing.
    In this case we have the CNA, a letter, Jack the Ripper, Bismarck and an 'enterprising journal' or 'journalist'.


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      Sims was not exactly a wallflower when it came to the case of Jack anway, as his own thoughts show:

      'George Sims, My Life (1917)

      The journalistic campaigns of which I am proudest are those I have been permitted to undertake on behalf of the children and the youth of the vast and mighty city in which I was born. I have always received the generous assistance of my friends the officers and officials of the Metropolitan Police.

      When I was writing The Cry of the Children I received the greatest assistance from the police, who were as keenly interested as I was in a campaign that had for its object the safeguarding of infant life. It was in connection with this investigation that for many weeks I walked about London in every direction through the long night and often far into the dawn, and was able to publish facts with regard to the infamous White Slave traffic that was carried on by foreigners - principally Germans.

      As a journalist I followed the Jack the Ripper crimes at close quarters. I had a personal interest in the matter, for my portrait, which appeared outside the cover of a sixpenny edition of my Social Kaleidoscope, was taken to Scotland Yard by a coffee-stall keeper (who had a conversation with Jack the Ripper on the night of the double murder) as the likeness of the assassin. But it was quite a pardonable mistake. The redoubtable Ripper was not unlike me as I was at that time.'


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        Hi AP

        Then we're looking for a hairy man - Sims was remarkably hairy, and even advertised "Tatcho" the wonder hair restorer.

        I'm never tired of posting this one :


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          Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post

          I'm never tired of posting this one :
          And I'll keep sending in that coupon - no response yet but I'm hopeful.


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            Thanks Robert
            I had seen a reference to Sims and his patented treatment for men losing their hair, but that ad certainly brings it to life.
            Perhaps this is why the senior officers of the Met force liked him so much, for weren't they all failing in that regard without exception?


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              Well AP, looking at the pic of Sir Robert above, who is so desperately sending in the coupons, you might have something there.