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    I was in Iraq when that happened and everything Connolly said there was true- before I'd even seen the clip I knew exactly what kind of saddo Ken Bigley was- you get these guys all over the Far East and Middle East- sad case mercenary Brit engineers, with a mail order Thai bride/ sex slave. If he didn't want to be in that situation he should have been content to stay in the Socialist Republic of Scouseland. If you're going to be a mercenary of any description in Iraq, you must be able to deal with the consequences of capture- and they are, no-one can help you and the best you can hope for is a quick death.
    No FCO/ MI6 negotiation will get you out of that. They're not politcal, they're fanatics. So when Connolly said, "Why don't they just get on with it?" All he was doing, was describing an unpleasant truth. But it was still true nevertheless.