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  • About Mango Books

    Founded by Adam Wood, editor of Ripperologist Magazine.
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    Some of the earliest releases published by Mango

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      Site looks great. Even looks great on my iPhone which can be a problem.


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        Thanks for posting this, How.

        Glad you like the site String. It was designed to be adaptive, ie it will detect the device you're viewing on and resize and reposition the content accordingly.

        Best wishes

        It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.



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          That's one darned fine looking site.

          I'm to thinking my dad will like the Kray book for Xmas.
          "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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            Bump Up
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              I've bought two of these books (and have the firm intention of buying at least a third)...I can testify to the prompt attention and swift dispatch...I was impressed

              All the best



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                Just wondered if there was any news on publication dates for Adams Swanson book, or John Bennetts book on the Krays?


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                  From Mango's Facebook page:

                  Mango Books

                  Happy New Year from Mango Books!

                  In 2015 we published our first titles, SIR HOWARD VINCENT'S POLICE CODE 1889, IN THE INTERESTS OF SCIENCE and DEADLY SERVICE.

                  Early this year will see the release of KRAYOLOGY by John Bennett, Richard Whittington-Egan's MASTER GHOST HUNTER, Sarah Beth Hopton's WOMAN AT THE DEVIL'S DOOR and Adam Wood's SWANSON.

                  Later in 2016 we'll be publishing new books including...

                  Jo Vigor on Joseph Carey Merrick, the Elephant Man
                  Rob Clack's Pictoral Journey of 14 infamous crimes ranging from 1888 to 1924
                  Paul Harrison on Alfred Rouse and the blazing car murder

                  Trevor Bond with an annotated version of Jack London's People of the Abyss
                  Amanda Harvey Purse with a detailed examination of the City of London Police's involvement in the Jack the Ripper investigation, including biographies of the officials involved

                  EAST END, LIGHT AND DARK - a strictly limited-edition art book featuring 25 photographs by Laura Prieto of various locations around London's East End. A4 hardback, full colour. Just 25 signed and numbered copies will be printed.

                  Details can our current books, with information on these new titles to follow, can be found at
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                    I thought the last paragraph of Paul's review section was a bit strange!


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                      I've just posted on the Krayology thread.

                      However I'd like to raise an overall point that is important.
                      Ordered direct from Mango, the book arrived in some wonderfully secure, strong packaging. Nice touch with the label, announcing "something for you!", just seeing the parcel brought a smile to my face.

                      Followed by the delight of opening the parcel, the anticipation... and straight away it is clear why such sturdy packaging is in place. It wonderfully protects an extremely high quality book, lovely in its pristine condition, and visibly well made using excellent quality resources, and beautifully bound. Holding it somehow re-enforced the sense of quality.
                      Customer Service isn't always about the face to face contact. The little touches like I describe, plus the evident care taken around the quality of resources used, and things like the excellent packaging protecting the book are fantastic touches that show the care taken with the book in getting it to me in pristine condition. Absolutely wonderful.


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                        Bump Up of the thread for the benefit of any newcomers.

                        Adam Wood's name is synonymous with quality work in Ripperology.
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