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Krayology by John Bennett

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  • Krayology by John Bennett

    by John Bennett

    Looking at the rise of the Kray twins with an historian's eye, using a range of sources from memoirs, press reports and significantly, official files held at the National Archives and elsewhere, John Bennett takes a fresh approach to the Kray legend....

    Along the way he dispels many of the myths, presents a wealth of previously unpublished information about some of the key players and major incidents in the story and independently reassesses the Kray twins' lives, activities and legacy.

    This is the often-told story of the Krays as you've never heard it told before.

    Due for publication in October 2015.
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    After asking a question elsewhere in this sub forum, I found out there's a small number of signed pre-orders which can be made for this book.

    If it is anywhere close to being as good as John Bennetts The Making of the Myth, I'll be delighted. So I've ordered! Just hope I'm in time to get a limited edition...


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      Just had an email to say this has been delivered to my parents house. Can't wait to go pick it up!


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        If you don't have it already, John's E1 A Journey Through Whitechapel and Spitalfields is one I highly recommend also.


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          Ditto to what John said about E1.
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            I've literally just finished my copy of Krayology.

            Firstly, the book is a labour of love in all parts. In the writing, and also in its manufacture, and its delivery.

            Ordered direct from Mango, the book arrived in some wonderfully secure, strong packaging. Nice touch with the label, announcing "something for you!", just seeing the parcel brought a smile to my face.

            Followed by the delight of opening the parcel, the anticipation... and straight away it is clear why such sturdy packaging is in place. It wonderfully protects an extremely high quality book, lovely in its pristine condition, and visibly well made using excellent quality resources, and beautifully bound. Holding it somehow re-enforced the sense of quality.

            Opening the book it was fantastic to behold, super quality paper, photographs etc. On entering the world of the Krays, the text flows effortlessly, easily accessible, factual, to the point and importantly, neutral. Striking is the almost matter of fact delivery, avoiding much sensationalist styles which can pervade much true crime writing. Clearly a lot of effort has been taken to produce a vivid, accurate history of the Krays. The sheer intensity of the subject matter handled in this way was exemplary. In particular, from 1967 onwards the reader is drawn in, and held purely by the art of conveying information in a thorough, but very practical way.

            The appendices are useful and interesting additions to have access to.

            The notes and sources also highlight a diligence in research, always something good to see. If I had to offer any criticism, it would be that the notes being on the same page sometimes disrupted my reading of the main text, and I felt a constant urge to read the note simultaneously. Also, aside from Nipper Reads book, I had previously read nothing on the Krays, so additional detail on the period between arrest and trial, and/or an overview of the trial would have made the book complete. In fairness, the trial itself would probably merit its own book, especially given the showing of the rest of the contents of the book, and the author does give a selection of relevant further reading, so this is a minor gripe really.

            I'm also delighted that I managed to snag one of the signed copies.

            Overall, I'm delighted with this purchase - it actually reminded me of how delightful buying a good book can be. Lots of nice little touches (eg the packaging) shows the care being taken. I'm glad that I bought direct from the publisher, rather than a corporation, and I know as a result that as much of my hard earned goes direct to the author and publisher, hopefully to invest in further quality books.

            In short, loved every bit of this. A worthy companion to The Making Of The Myth.