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Swanson: The Life and Times of a Victorian Detective by Adam Wood

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  • Swanson: The Life and Times of a Victorian Detective by Adam Wood

    Swanson: The Life and Times of a Victorian Detective

    by Adam Wood

    Donald Sutherland Swanson was born in the far north of Scotland, leaving for London in 1867.

    The following year he joined the Metropolitan Police and began patrolling the streets of the capital as a uniformed constable. 35 years later he retired as Superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department, the top detective in the country.

    Set against the backdrop of the developing Metropolitan Police, this book tells the story of a life and career which included railway murderers, grave robbers, fraudulent mediums, Jack the Ripper, the Philosopher’s Stone, shocking revelations about the aristocracy and a crazed captain with sea serpents in a bottle.
    • Publication: November 2015
    • Hardback, Kindle
    • Illustrated, index, bibliography
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    Excellent to see, Adam. The best of luck with this book.


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      good luck

      Hello Adam. Well done.

      Good luck with this.



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        Ditto to what CG and LC said Adam..all the best !
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          Now this will definitely be a must have.
          Best Wishes,
          Cris Malone
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            I've been looking forward to this for a while, best of luck.
            Thanks for your time,
            dusty miller


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              July 23, 2016

              Adam has established a page on Facebook with regards to the upcoming reference work on Donald Swanson.


              In my trawl this morning, I found this video which features a segment on Jack The Ripper, beginning at the 16:00 mark.

              Donald Swanson's great grandson, Nevill Swanson, also appears and discusses DSS's marginalia.


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