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Mango Newsletter # 3 (February 4, 2018)

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  • Mango Newsletter # 3 (February 4, 2018)

    Dear Reader,

    Welcome to the third edition of Dial M for Mango, the fortnightly newsletter from true-crime publisher Mango Books. In this issue we reveal news of an exciting forthcoming event which you won't want to miss, and announce the availability of one of our titles in paperback for the first time. We discuss our plans for the prestigious Notable British Trials series, and take a look back at the very first book published by Mango.


    We're delighted to be part of the organising team of the 2018 East End Conference, being held over the weekend of 3rd and 4th November.

    Following 2017's successful event which saw talks from speakers including Robert Smith, Karl Coppack, Charlotte Mallinson and John Bennett, we're pleased to return this year to London's East End with a variety of lectures on Jack the Ripper and related East End topics.

    The event is being held at The Astronomer on Middlesex Street, at a cost of just £60 per person.

    Our emcee for the weekend will be Richard Jones, reprising his duties from the 2016 Ripperologist magazine 21st Birthday celebrations.

    Seven expert speakers will appear - those already booked are Louis Berk, Drew Gray and Philip Hutchinson, with more to be announced.

    The event website - - will provide full details including how to reserve your place for this keenly-awaited event!


    Amanda Harvey Purse's detailed look at the lives of the officers from the City of London Police who became involved in the hunt for the Whitechapel murderer after the slaying of Catherine Eddowes in Mitre Square is now back in stock in paperback format!

    Renowned Ripper author Paul Begg, in his review of JACK AND OLD JEWRY in Ripperologist magazine, wrote:

    "…because the case papers were one of the victims of bombing during World War Two the City Police tend to receive far less attention than their Metropolitan Police cousins, we know less about this murder than we might wish for. With this book Amanda Harvey Purse does much to redress the balance. This book assembles about as much as can be known about the lives and careers of the City’s officers who in one way or another were involved with the investigation of Catherine Eddowes’ murder.

    …the sheer quantity of information Amanda Harvey Purse has amassed here is considerable and she must invested a great deal of time gathering it. She is clearly a very dedicated researcher."

    At just £10.00, JACK AND OLD JEWRY is a must for the bookshelves of every Ripperologist.

    Buy now from

    With our announcement in the last issue of DIAL M that the next addition to the official Notable British Trials series will be TRIAL OF LOUISE MASSET (No. 85), edited by Kate Clarke, we're excited to reveal that plans are underway for future titles well into next year. Following Louise Masset will be TRIAL OF PERCY LEFROY MAPLETON (86), the Brighton railway murderer, edited by Adam Wood, scheduled to be published later this year. Work by an established true crime author is at an early stage on volume 87, and we are in discussions with a well-respected legal writer on Volume 88. These will join TRIAL OF ISRAEL LIPSKI by MW Oldridge, published in September 2017 to great acclaim.

    The Notable British Trials series is a project in which we take a great deal of pride, and we are very pleased to have the backing of world-renowned law booksellers Wildy & Sons, who will be stocking all new volumes in the series. Based in Lincoln’s Inn, London’s law centre since 1830, Wildy & Sons are the only specialist law bookshop in England and Wales and sell new, second-hand and antiquarian legal books and prints from their premises in Lincolns Inn, and ship law books worldwide. More on the company can be found at

    TRIAL OF ISRAEL LIPSKI can be purchased in hardback and Kindle formats at

    While TRIAL OF LOUISE MASSET, scheduled for publication on 28th February 2018, can be pre-ordered here. Pre-orders will received a signed and numbered limited edition copy.

    The POLICE CODE, 1889 was the book which started Mango Books. Following a discussion between author and police historian Neil RA Bell and designer and crime historian Adam Wood, it was agreed to produce a facsimile version of this important handbook written by Howard Vincent, Director of the CID, for the benefit of his officers.

    First published in 1881, the Code was an invaluable resource to Metropolitan Police officers and was updated regularly over the next 50 years. The 1889 version - Sixth Edition - was written in 1888 and in use by officers at the time of the Jack the Ripper murders.

    Over 200 pages, Howard Vincent carefully described in simple terms the legality of more than 900 incidents which might occur in the daily life of a police officer, from baby farming and wandering lunatics to illegal burials and the identification of prisoners.

    Originally, a share of proceeds from sales were donated to the Metropolitan and City Police Orphanage, and we are proud to maintain this by donating an equal share of profits to the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund - every copy sold therefore contributes to the Orphans Fund.

    Since POLICE CODE, 1889 was published in 2015 we have donated, through our readers' kind purchases, over £500.

    SIR HOWARD VINCENT'S POLICE CODE, 1889 is available at just £10.00 from
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