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Mango Newsletter October 11, 2019

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  • Mango Newsletter October 11, 2019

    Dear Reader,

    Welcome to the new edition of Dial M for Mango, the newsletter from true-crime publisher Mango Books. In this issue we look at the latest titles from the Mango stable, with several lined up for release in the next few months...

    Available to pre-order now:

    AA Rouse, The Blazing Car Murder 1930 and Inter-War Criminal Justice and Society
    By Gerry Rubin and Tony Millan

    How had it come to this? How was it that Alfred Arthur Rouse, a handsome and smartly-dressed resident of suburban Friern Barnet, was walking along a moonlit Northamptonshire country lane in the early hours of Bonfire Night, looking dishevelled and panic-stricken?

    How was it that he now found himself in the most dangerous and frightening situation he had ever known since his time in the First World War trenches? Then, he had witnessed an aeroplane, hit by gunfire and bursting into flames, crash near him on the Western Front. Now he had seen his own car devoured in a blaze, with flames shooting fifteen feet into the night sky, turning his world upside down. He was hurrying away from that inferno. Trying to put some distance between himself and the burning car. Trying to find time to think.

    ‘MY HAREM: IT’S AN EXPENSIVE GAME’ is not a standard ‘true crime’ story about a famous murder. It does not confine itself to a narrative of murderous events and their denouement. This account of the Rouse case dares to pose deeper questions regarding the executed man as a product of his time.

    Certainly, the life-story of 36-year-old Arthur Rouse, a commercial traveller and uninhibited sexual adventurer who ended his days on the gallows at Bedford Prison in March 1931 for the murder of an unknown man in a sensational case known ever since as the ‘Blazing Car Murder’ is necessarily part of our account.

    However, our aim is also to locate Rouse’s life within the broader patterns of social, economic and cultural change occurring between the wars in order to portray him as a template, or trope, or even as a metaphor for the ambiguities surrounding those changes; the tensions between sexual respectability and hypocrisy; the conflicts between the pursuit of consumerism and the danger of financial indebtedness.

    GERRY RUBIN is Emeritus Professor of Law at Kent University. He has published on links between Dennis Potter’s 'Pennies From Heaven' TV series and the Rouse case in 'Law and Humanities' (2015) and on Provincial police / Met Police relations before 1940 in 'Legal Studies' (2011), and has published many books on modern legal history themes.

    TONY MILLAN is a televison actor ('Citizen Smith'; 'Brittas Empire') and a TV/radio scriptwriter who has written an accompanying ‘script’ play on the Rouse case.

    * Hardback
    * 580pp
    * Illustrated
    * Bibiliography
    * Index
    * £25.00

    Click here to pre-order and receive a signed and numbered copy.

    By Adam Wood

    After six years of research and writing, Adam Wood's long-awaited biography of Chief Inspector Donald Swanson is available to pre-order now.

    Donald Sutherland Swanson was born in the remote far north of Scotland, leaving for London in 1867 at the age of 19 and initially working as a City clerk. The following year he joined the Metropolitan Police and began patrolling the streets of the capital as a uniformed constable. 35 years later he retired as Superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department, the top detective in the country.

    Set against the backdrop of the developing Metropolitan Police, this book tells the story of a life and career which included railway murderers, grave robbers, fraudulent mediums, Jack the Ripper, the Philosopher’s Stone, Fenian dynamite campaigns, shocking revelations about the aristocracy and a crazed captain with sea serpents in a bottle.

    * 650-page hardback
    * Foreword by Paul Begg
    * Preface by Nevill Swanson
    * More than 100 illustrations
    * Over 1,800 Notes and references

    The book will be published on 31st January 2020. Pre-order before 31st December 2019 to receive a limited edition individually-numbered copy signed by Adam Wood, Paul Begg and Nevill Swanson.

    Pre-order now.

    Available to pre-order now:
    by Dr. Peter Moore
    The medical profession and criminal law have worked together over the millennia, from the Ancient Egyptians to the present day. Doctors have been asked to interpret wounds since antiquity.

    In FROM WOUNDED FAIRIES TO SWEET FANNY ADAMS Dr Peter Moore looks at how doctors got involved in crime, examining the accused or checking injuries, dating from the Edwin Smith papyrus, written in ancient Egypt in about 1600 BC which lists 48 cases involving wounds.

    He reveals how it was illegal to kill or maim a fairy in the time of Henry III, and how the Tudors and Stuarts didn't bother with police and doctors, but just boiled criminals.

    Charting the development of forensic science over the centuries, WOUNDED FAIRIES explains how the Police medical service gradually became more structured by the mid Nineteenth century, with the introduction of a Chief Surgeon and several Divisional Surgeons, caring for officers and providing medical care to prisoners.

    Dr Peter Moore spent 30 years as a GP, complementing this work with what he calls a 'hobby' - serving as a police surgeon, spending nights and weekends at the police station seeing burglars, examining victims of sexual assault or looking at dead bodies. He says it was better than stamp collecting or gardening, and helped pay the mortgage.

    Click here to find out more and to pre-order for a limited edition signed copy.

    By Robert Smith

    We're shortly going to be doing another print run of The True History of The Diary of Jack the Ripper by Robert Smith. If you'd like to order a copy, please pre-order before Monday 14th October 2019, when we'll be placing the print order.

    A4 168pp, incl full colour facsimile of the diary's 64 pages
    £20.00 + P&P.

    Click here to order your copy.
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