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  • Originally posted by Dusty Miller View Post
    Since I've only got 45 years experience in the film and TV industry, I'll bow to your superior knowledge go the industry's terminology.
    So your superior knowledge leads you to believe there was no footage of Limehouse in the film?
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    • On planet Dusty, ‘Fine views of the Thames’, ‘Forbidding watersides such as one sees at Wapping or Shadwell’ and ‘actual scenes in Limehouse’ = stock or general images of London.

      Dusty, please don’t clutter this thread up with your pathetic attempts at point scoring.

      There was a film, made in 1926 when Limehouse was London’s China Town, which we can be reasonably sure contained actual footage of Limehouse.

      Limehouse has a connection to the Ripper case through names such as McCarthy, Morgenstern, Boekee and Maywood.* The area sustained considerable damage during WWII and virtually nothing of the old Limehouse still exists. But there are old photos and some film footage which give an impression of what the place was like when ‘Brilliant Chang’ span his web in Limehouse Causeway. With any luck we’ll find some new stuff.

      *I almost forgot Squibby.


      • Can we go back to sharing information about Limehouse in a nice, non-confrontational way, please?