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    I wasn't sure where to drop a few things, so naturally I decided to add clutter with another thread.

    For my own purposes (needing things in front of me in a certain way to make sense of them), I have been putting together some charts and tables. I expect they replicate things already done elsewhere. I'm not doing anything fancy - just rough stuff. Nevertheless, I thought I'd add some of it here in case anyone else may find them useful.

    Any "product" here is public domain, of course, since it simply compiles the real work that other people have done. I would ask, though, that if you find errors you would please let me know, and that if you intend for reasons beyond me to disseminate anything that you get back to me first. I have a horror of inadvertently spreading bad data, and may have corrections or improvements "in house."

    These first are just three timelines. They're in pdf format, as the images degraded with pngs and other image formats. Even now they're a bit smeary. Included are the early cases (Nov 1887-Apr 1888), canonical times (Aug 1888-Jan 1889), and later cases (Jul-Aug 1889/Feb 1891). Included are assaults, deaths, inquests and post-inquest news-story dates - nothing fancy or elaborated. I thought it interesting how tidily the first two fit in two six-month groupings. My fuller set has info on assault types and location, but first things first.

    I did these to keep myself straight but also because people were referencing coincidental (or not) timing of some events with inquests or inquest-publicity dates. I did the best I could with inquest dates and the rest - mistakes may be there. As a reminder, Jewish holidays begin the evening before the date specified, at sundown, and end at sundown of the day shown. As Whitechapel events tended to occur after midnight and before dawn, this needs to be considered where there's an apparent event/holiday overlap.

    If this sort of thing seems potentially useful, I'd be glad to add tables and charts as I do them - I'm working on a variety of things to help get myself sorted.

    Keith Murray
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    Here are Keith's charts.....
    Nice work, Keith....thanks !!!