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Bethnal Green Police Out Stations 1888?

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  • Bethnal Green Police Out Stations 1888?


    Has anyone got a list of the out stations which Officers from Bethnal Green Divisional HQ worked from? I believe there was one near Bow Railway Station in 1864, which is a possibility? Where there any others or did all the Officers that covered Bethnal Green work from the main HQ?

    I assume that PC97J Neil & PC96J Thain worked from Bethnal Green main station?

    Where did PC54H Mizen work from do we know?


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    Insp Spratling was on Hackney Road, when he learned of the murder on Bucks Row. What was he doing there, was there a station there?

    Sgt Kirby also present, where was he stationed?

    There is also mention of an unnamed Constable at the scene when the Insp arrived. Now I assume he wouldn't have left his beat or his fixed point to attend and must have been a reserve Officer from the station, so were did he come from? Assume Sgt Kirby sent for him?


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      Hey Gordon,

      It seems Kirby was a section sergeant, as he claimed he had walked down Bucks Row earlier. One assumes he was checking on PCs Neil and Thain, who would have been in the same section. One also assumes he had returned to Bethnal Green nick, which would have been the closest station in J division.

      Which unnamed constable? Yes, the odds are that he would have been a reserve.

      Bow Road Police station is near Bow Station, however that's a 1903 build, not the period, I assume, you want.

      Mizen would have come from either Commicial Street or Arbour Square...I think. ;-)



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        However, for clarity, there was a station on Bow Road, opposite Fairfield Road. This was K though.



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          Hi Monty

          This thread follows on from this one :


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            Originally posted by Monty View Post
            However, for clarity, there was a station on Bow Road, opposite Fairfield Road. This was K though.


            K Division of course, hadn't thought of that!! So it seems likely then that all 3 of the J Division constables and the section Sgt all came from Bethnal Green nick, interesting!!