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How did the conference go?

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    Originally posted by Brad McGinnis View Post
    In my own garden I use stale beer on compost
    You allow beer to get stale in your house?

    Truly impressed


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      Just trying to bump up some of the harder hitting posts of the past.

      Originally posted by How Brown View Post
      Viagra? I told youse what happened to me when I ate 5 of those babies at one time,didn't I ? I did it because I was dared to. Youse know how I never back down...

      Anyway, I wolfed 5 of them down and waited for 45 minutes. Nothing happened... I said to myself,I sez, "This stuff's a joke"...and got up and left this joint I was visiting. and took a shortcut through a park nearby.

      Halfway through the park, not only did "things" start to stiffen up, my whole body hardened up and there I was...posed and all stiff-like...a statue in the middle of Fairmount Park...and it was in the middle of the rut season for pigeons in the area. Think "Tin Man" in the Wizard of Oz before gettin' oiled up....

      I wound up lookin' like a Jackson Pollock canvas after I got Stuka'ed by about 2,000 horny pigeons. I'd do it again in a New York minute...but I ain't doing it in pigeon-rut season.


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        O,sapient conclusion,mon frere !

        I assume that the rehashing of this post ( and oh so true factual and actual occurrence) is a wee bit o' payback for the "stranglehold" photo of you and I over the blow up doll.

        You're still pissed because I broke free from your grip,ain't you?
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