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How did the conference go?

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  • Howard Brown

    This was a very kind gesture on your part. Thanks very much from all of us for taking the time to put the photos up.

    Me love you long time,Phil.

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  • George Hutchinson
    Hi Brad.

    There was masses about it over on Casebook, but I hadn't yet posted my photos, although I had uploaded them to FLICKR. So here's some of my shots from the weekend :

    The view from my hotel room window!

    Kelly and Dan opening the Conference.

    Dan giving a talk on developments and news in the world of Ripperology in 2008.

    Rob McLaughlin talking about the victim photos and Joseph Martin.

    Tim Riordan giving a new angle on Dr T.

    Me doing the talk on The Whitby Collection and the Dutfields Yard photo.

    Dunno who this bloke is.

    Martin Fido turns the hotel into an ancient Aztec city and, wearing the crown of the Aztec kings, orders a sacrifice.

    Rick, Rob and Alan.

    Me and my new best mate.

    The lovely Eugenia Parry giving her talk on the 1890s French crime scene photo album she bought in Paris.

    Alan showing how the East End prostitutes used to stand to attract customers. And something to do with Special Branch.

    Here's one for Suzi. Suzi - there's several Dids shots but this one's my favourite.

    Martin signing one of the millions of things I brought along.

    Alan in the hotel car park, with Knoxville's Sun Sphere behind him.

    In Knoxville's Market Square - inaccurate but amusing.

    Out for a meal after the last day of the Conference. Clockwise from L : Julie, Alan, Kelly, Dan, Me, Martin, Karen.

    On the day I flew back, the hotel from the car park. The weather was like this throughout. Knoxville was a beautiful, clean, sunny place - though bereft of shops, it seems.


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  • Brad McGinnis
    started a topic How did the conference go?

    How did the conference go?

    I keep looking for word from Knoxville, but hav'nt seen anything. I realize the high cost of gas and the economy going into the dumper probably hurt the conference. I would have loved to have attended, but the price of gas, having two residences, and two kids in college (one Ivy League) kind of got in the way. I can't imagine a Ripper Con that was'nt a hoot. So what happened? How about some pics?