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21st Anniversary Of Ripperologist Magazine : London Convention September 2016

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  • 21st Anniversary Of Ripperologist Magazine : London Convention September 2016

    September 3 – September 4, 2016
    Sep 3 at 9 AM to Sep 4 at 5 PM in UTC+01

    Click link to get full details as soon as they are made available

    A special weekend conference to mark our 21st year of publication, staged in conjunction with Casebook: Classic Crime.

    Join us for two days of top-notch speakers and special events.

    Live updates will appear here, with the event website coming soon which will contain all the information you need!
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    I have to say, I'm really looking forward to this event. It should be a good weekend, given the quality we have seen in the Rip itself over the last 21 years, and also given Adam Wood's experience in arranging conferences.

    I understand the details of speakers and the actual venue will be forthcoming shortly, but it already sounds like it's shaping up to be something not to be missed.

    All the best


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      Special conference announcement

      Although we intend over the coming weeks to make our announcements on Friday evenings, we are proud to reveal today that our emcee for the conference will be MR. RICHARD JONES, renowned Ripper expert, author, blue-badge tour guide and all-round good guy.

      Owner of JACK THE RIPPER TOURS, Richard conducted his first guided walking tour around London in June 1982 and, since then, he has built up a solid reputation for devising and operating creative tours that offer quality and reliability in equal measure.

      Richard is also the author of over twenty books covering a wide diversity of people and subjects, such as Charles Dickens, historic London, myths and legends, and haunted Britain. He has appeared many times on television, and is the author of two books on Jack the Ripper: UNCOVERING JACK THE RIPPER'S LONDON and JACK THE RIPPER: THE CASEBOOK. Richard is also the mastermind behind the documentary UNMASKING JACK THE RIPPER.

      We are delighted that Richard has agreed to act as our host over the weekend, and look forward to welcoming him, and all our attendees, to the conference in September.

      Read more about Richard here:

      Jack the Ripper Tours

      Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London

      Jack the Ripper: The Casebook…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

      Unmasking Jack the Ripper

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        That's great news Adam! Excellent choice for emcee.

        All the best


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          Photos of the banquet would be appreciated.


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            Fantastic news that Adam has returned to organising Ripper conferences. With over 10 year experience to his name it's sure to be a hit.

            I'm just disappointed I can't make it!

            "It is far more comfortable to point a finger and declare someone a devil, than to call upon your imagination to try to understand their world."



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              Weekend structure

              Dear all,

              Thank you for your interest in this special occasion!

              To clarify the weekend's structure, the event will be themed in two distinct days:

              SATURDAY, 3 SEPTEMBER:
              Ripperologist Birthday Conference

              SUNDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER
              Casebook Classic Crime: Watching the Detectives

              Live updates will appear here, with the event website coming soon which will contain all the information you need!

              Frogg Moody and myself look forward to welcoming you later this year!

              Best wishes


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                Speaker announcement

                As previously announced, the Rip's 21st Birthday Conference is being staged in conjunction with Frogg Moody's CASEBOOK: CLASSIC CRIME, who will be running a theme entitled WATCHING THE DETECTIVES on Sunday, 4 September.

                To celebrate the announcement of the weekend, Frogg has just revealed his first speaker: PROF CLIVE EMSLEY.

                Clive's talk, entitled "Victorian and Edwardian Detectives: Types and Comparisons", will be a broad survey beginning with the Bow Street Runners, then asking what difference the creation of the Metropolitan Police made. Clive will then discuss the Victorian and Edwardian fascination with detectives.

                Since the early 1980s Clive's work has focused primarily on the history of crime and policing, and he has subsequently published more than 130 books including "The Great British Bobby", "Police Detectives in History, 1750-1950" and "The English Police: A Political and Social History".

                In 2000 Clive was awarded a D.Litt by the Open University for his published work in the history of crime and policing. He is Director of the European Centre for the Study of Policing, and co-Director of the International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research, and co-directs the Old Bailey Proceedings Online project.
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                  Second speaker announcement

                  OUR NEXT SPEAKER!

                  We are delighted to announce GLENN CHANDLER as our second speaker for the September conference, speaking on the Cleveland Street Scandal.

                  Glenn is best known as the creator and writer of "Taggart", which became the longest running television detective series in the world. He has also written true crime television dramas, notably those on William Palmer, the poisoner, George Joseph Smith, the Brides in the Bath killer, and John George Haigh, the acid bath murderer.

                  His books include "Burning Poison", a true account of a Georgian Liverpool murder mystery, and two fictional novels about Brighton detective Steve Madden, "Savage Tide" and "Dead Sight".

                  Glenn is also an award-winning theatre writer, producer and director.

                  His latest book, "The Sins of Jack Saul", reveals the truth behind one of the most notorious figures in the Cleveland Street affair. Glenn is currently working on a theatre production based on the life of the infamous Dublin-born male prostitute Jack Saul, having previously written a musical based on the Cleveland Street affair.

                  In his talk, Glenn will disclose the truth of what went on behind the velvet curtains of 19 Cleveland Street, explore Chief Inspector Abberline's role in the investigation and finally put to bed the rumours of Prince Albert Victor's involvement in the scandal.

                  Glenn joins PROF CLIVE EMSLEY as our speakers announced so far.

                  Conference MC: Richard Jones
                  Conference organisers: Adam Wood and Frogg Moody

                  Our next announcement will be venue and ticket price details.
                  And we will be posting deposit payment links!

                  Keep up to date with news on the conference at the event Facebook page:
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                    Third speaker announcement


                    We are delighted to announce that the legendary television and film writer, director and producer DAVID WICKES has been confirmed as part of the Casebook: Classic Crime "Watching the Detectives" theme at the Conference.

                    David has worked on numerous detective dramas including "Public Eye", "Softly Softly: Task Force", "Special Branch", "Van Der Valk", "The Sweeney", "The Professionals" and "Philip Marlowe, Private Eye".

                    In 1973 David took the popular Softly Softly characters Barlow and Watt and placed them in Whitechapel as they attempted to solve the Ripper murders in the acclaimed "Jack the Ripper", and in 1988 directed and co-wrote the mini-series "Jack the Ripper" starring Michael Caine.

                    In his talk, David will discuss his ongoing interest in the detective, and how this shaped his vision of the work of the detectives in his Ripper output.

                    When it comes to watching the detectives, David Wickes has certainly seen a few - it would be criminal to miss it!

                    David joins PROF CLIVE EMSLEY and GLENN CHANDLER as our speakers announced so far.

                    Conference MC: Richard Jones
                    Conference organisers: Adam Wood and Frogg Moody
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                      Jack The Ripper ( 1988 )

                      Speaking of Mr. Wickes....

                      The film is, at times, difficult to find ( a solid link that is).

                      These two links are the two halves of the 1988 film.. Watched it through these links on Saturday to make sure they work...and they did.


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                        The venue and price has also been announced.

                        Looking good...!



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                          CONFERENCE VENUE
                          We're pleased to announce that the venue for the Conference will be The Wesley Hotel, a 4-star hotel offering exceptional conference facilities, located a mere two minute walk from Euston station.
                          The Wesley offers accessibility on all levels, and has six double occupancy accessible bedrooms with wet rooms.
                          It was the first ethical hotel in the UK, and is the only hotel in London to earn the Social Enterprise Mark Award, which recognises a business or organisation which earmarks a portion of profits towards social and environmental programs.
                          Delegates wishing to stay at The Wesley during the Conference will benefit from a special rate being offered by the hotel - details will announced next Monday.
                          To find out more about The Wesley, visit their website at

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                            Some info needed on this thread :



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                              Speaker announcement

                              We are delighted to announce DAVID THOMPSON as our next speaker at the Ripperologist magazine 21st birthday conference.

                              David is the great-grandson of PC Ernest Thompson, the constable who discovered the body of Frances Coles while on his very first beat, and who nine years later was murdered while on duty.

                              In his talk, David will relate the tragic career of his ancestor, including how being thought of as 'the man who let the Ripper go' played on Ernest's conscience, and what happened to the family after his death. David will also describe how he and his grandfather - Ernest's son - were invited by the Metropolitan Police in 1976 to view Ernest's grave and funerary plaque, and what has happened to them over recent years.

                              David is fine art trained and was formerly a magazine art editor, his passion is architecture and contemporary design. For many years he has been a Blue Badge Guide and Lecturer, being Chair of the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides, an organisation of over 800 members, between 2008-2013.

                              David joins PROF CLIVE EMSLEY, GLENN CHANDLER and DAVID WICKES as our speakers announced so far.

                              Conference MC: Richard Jones

                              Conference organisers: Adam Wood and Frogg Moody

                              Conference venue: The Wesley Hotel, Euston, London NW1

                              Cost: Two days of talks, lunches, teas & coffees, Saturday evening dinner and after dinner talks: £110 per person.

                              As above but without dinner and after dinner talks: £80 per person.

                              A £50 deposit can be paid by clicking on the following link:

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