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21st Anniversary Of Ripperologist Magazine : London Convention September 2016

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    A good lineup. All you need now is Scott Nelson to be there to collect his Lifetime Achievement Award.


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      Thanks Robert.

      We still have four speakers to announce, plus a special event... could it be the long-overdue Lifetime Achievement Award?!



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        What a coup ! I wouldn't have thought of trying to contact or locate PC Thompson's descendant.....good going, man !
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          May 1, 2016

          The Ripperologist Magazine Conference website is up and running.....

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            David Thompson and his great Grandfather, PC Ernest Thompson...

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              Speaker announcement

              We are delighted to announce CHRIS PAYNE as our next speaker at the Ripperologist magazine 21st Birthday Conference, appearing under the "Watching the Detectives" theme.

              Chris was a late-developer as far as Crime is concerned. He spent most of his working life as a research scientist specialising in pest control. However, having discovered that he had ancestral connections with a senior detective at Scotland Yard in the Victorian era, Detective Chief Inspector George Clarke, he decided to research and write about his ancestor’s activities.
              Clarke’s investigations involved a strong element of ‘pest control’ of a more radical kind, including the hunting down of murderers, several of whom were tried, convicted and hanged.
              Chris Payne’s book about Clarke, ‘The Chieftain’ illustrates that some Scotland Yard detectives were not invariably the bumbling, and unsuccessful agents of the Crown that have been portrayed in many fictional accounts of Victorian crime.
              His talk will consider some of the most significant of Clarke’s cases and Clarke’s personal involvement in the 1877 ‘Trial of Detectives’, which stimulated a radical reorganisation of the Detective force within the Metropolitan Police.
              Chris joins PROF CLIVE EMSLEY, GLENN CHANDLER, DAVID WICKES and DAVID THOMPSON as our speakers announced so far.
              Conference MC: Richard Jones
              Conference organisers: Adam Wood and Frogg Moody
              Conference venue: The Wesley Hotel, Euston, London NW1
              Cost: Two days of talks, lunches, teas & coffees, Saturday evening dinner and after dinner event: £110 per person.
              As above but without dinner and after dinner event: £80 per person.
              Full information can be paid by visiting the Conference website at
              Many thanks to all who have already paid a deposit!
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                Mr. Payne discussed Chieftain here :

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                  A work put together by Professor Clive Emsley and Ian Bridgeman


                  A Guide to the Archives of the Police
                  Forces of England and Wales

                  Ian Bridgeman
                  Clive Emsley
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                    Maxim Jakubowski

                    We are delighted to announce MAXIM JAKUBOWSKI as our next speaker at the Ripperologist magazine 21st Birthday Conference.

                    Having worked in book publishing for many years, Maxim opened the world-famous Murder One bookshop on London's Charing Cross Road in 1988 which for more then 20 years was the largest specialist crime bookshop in Europe. For eight years he was the crime columnist for Time Out, and for 20 years the crime reviewer for The Guardian.
                    Maxim was for many years Chair of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction Literature, and presently sits on the committee of the Crime Writers’ Association, and chairs its panel of judges for the John Creasey Dagger for Best First Novel of the Year.
                    He is one of the leading editors in the crime and mystery and erotica fields, and has published more that 80 anthologies, including the annual Mammoth Book of Best British Crime.
                    In 1999 Maxim edited The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper with Nathan Braund, which saw a collection of not only factual evidence but also 20 different arguments as to the identity of Jack the Ripper from contributors including Patricia Cornwell, Martin Fido, M. J. Trow, Shirley Harrison, Bruce Paley, James Tully and Colin Wilson, along with a detailed chronology, extensive bibliography and filmography. The book was updated in 2008.
                    In 2015 Maxim edited The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories, a collection of 40 new fictional takes on the Whitechapel murders from a range of leading writers.
                    Maxim also edited 100 Great Detectives, which featured experts discussing their favourite fictional detective, a book which won the Anthony Award for 1994. More recently he edited Following the Detectives, which looked at the locations of 20 of crime fiction's leading investigators, including the London of Sherlock Holmes and Maigret's Paris.
                    In his talk, Maxim will be looking at the continued passion for fictional crime and detection, and attitudes to fictional treatments of the Ripper case in particular.
                    * * * * *
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                      After dinner event: Panel Debate

                      We are very pleased to announce that our after-dinner event for the Ripperologist magazine 21st Conference will be a panel debate featuring PAUL BEGG, JOAN LOCK, MARK RIPPER, NEIL BELL and TREVOR BOND.

                      Chaired by RICHARD JONES, the theme of the debate will be "Jack the Ripper and the Detectives", which will see the panel discussing police activity during the Whitechapel murders and other Victorian crime by way of comparison.

                      We will be asking delegates to send in their questions for the panel in advance.

                      PAUL BEGG is one of the leading authorities on Jack the Ripper, having published his first book on the subject, "Jack the Ripper: The Uncensored Facts" in 1988, which was completely revised in 2006. Paul has also written "Jack the Ripper: The Definitive History", and is co-author of "The Jack the Ripper A-Z", "The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper" and "Jack the Ripper: The Forgotten Victims". Paul is Reviews Editor for Ripperologist magazine.

                      JOAN LOCK is a much-respected authority of early detectives, with books on the subject including "Tales From Bow Street" and "Dreadful Deeds and Awful Murders: Scotland Yard's First Detectives ". A former nurse and policewoman, Joan has written a total of eleven non-fiction books on police and crime, including "Scotland Yard's First Cases", "Scotland Yard Casebook" and "The British Policewoman". In 2013 she released an extensively-researched book on the Princess Alice Disaster.

                      We are delighted to have secured the services of three-quarters of the team behind the forthcoming "The A-Z of Victorian Crime": MARK RIPPER, NEIL R A BELL and TREVOR BOND. Writing as M. W. Oldridge, Mark released "Whitechapel and District" in 2011 and "The Moat Farm Mystery: The Life And Criminal Career of Samuel Herbert Dougal" in 2012. Neil is regarded as the leading authority on the police activity of 1888, and his "Capturing Jack the Ripper: In the Boots of a Victorian Bobby" was published in 2014. He is also co-author of "Sir Howard Vincent's Police Code, 1889". Trevor has spoken at three Ripper conferences and a recent crime symposium on the results of his extensive researches, and is a frequent contributor to Ripperologist magazine. Copies of "The A-Z of Victorian Crime" will be available at the Conference, pre-signed by fourth team member Kate Clarke.

                      The Panel Debate will take place after dinner on Saturday, 3rd September.

                      Details of the Conference, including how to pay a deposit, can be found at
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                        I think it goes without saying that it will be worth paying the full conference price (to include the evening function) if this is what's on offer! A panel debate featuring such well respected authors and researchers is one definitely not to be missed!

                        All the best


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                          With all this business about the 21st birthday, could I ask : do you now have the key of Mary Kelly's door?


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                            I hope someone ( I'll do it myself before September) comes up with a list of good q's for Mr. Mark Ripper's a's. That's a man I wish we heard more from.
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                              If you're coming to the Ripperologist 21st Birthday Conference and will arrive the evening before, join us and follow in the footsteps of the greatest forgers in history!
                              On the evening of Friday, 2nd September, Nicholas Booth – author of The Thieves of Threadneedle Street – will give a guided tour around the City of London to not just tell the story of the greatest fraud in history – but show where it all happened.
                              The tour begins at the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street itself - the Bank of England - where on a cold Saturday in 1873, its chief cashier stumbled across the fraud and shot across the road to Lombard Street with a policeman in tow. To their amazement, they caught one of the fraudsters “in the act” in a bank.
                              Nick will follow in their footsteps, also showing The Mansion House, where there were 23 separate hearings as each of the other three forgers were caught in turn. It is a story involving a manhunt across three continents, double crosses and miraculous escapes along with a cast of improbable villains, curious coincidences, and extraordinary adventures.
                              Join him – and us – on this journey into the heart of Victorian crime and the most astonishing international caper with twists and turns that often defy belief.
                              Nicholas Booth is a writer and broadcaster. After working in newspapers and television, he wrote the highly acclaimed Zigzag, about the double agent Eddie Chapman. He has followed that with The Thieves of Threadneedle Street, due out in the U.S. in November. Next month, Lucifer Rising: British Intelligence and The Occult, will be published about how MI6 used some very odd characters in the Second World War with often hilarious results.
                              Meeting arrangements will be sent to delegates closer to the Conference.
                              To pay a deposit now, visit
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                                May 29, 2016

                                Dear Reader,
                                In our current issue, Ripperologist 148, we announced a special Conference to take place in London over the weekend of 3rd and 4th September 2016.

                                We have been overwhelmed by the response, and thank everyone who has already paid a deposit, or indeed the full amount in some cases. This email is to remind you that the deadline for deposits is 10th July.

                                We very much hope you will be able to join us to help celebrate the milestone.

                                Glenn Chandler
                                Prof Clive Emsley
                                Maxim Jakubowski
                                Chris Payne
                                David Thompson
                                David Wickes
                                ..and more to be announced!

                                Friday evening: The Thieves of Threadneedle Street Tour by Nick Booth

                                Saturday: After-dinner Panel Debate featuring Joan Lock, Paul Begg, Neil Bell,
                                Mark Ripper and Trevor Bond

                                MC: Richard Jones
                                Organisers: Adam Wood and Frogg Moody

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