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The Diary Of Jack The Ripper : Research & Conclusion ( 2017 )

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    Just bought a copy, but no mention of postage?
    Thanks for your time,
    dusty miller


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      Thats Fantastic Dusty. Really hope you enjoy it. I'll contact you privately about P&P as it should have automatically added it to your purchase.

      Of anyone else would like to get a copy of THE DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER: Research and Conclusion

      Please visit -


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        "I’ve found something beneath the floorboards,
        I think it could be important."


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          Research and Conclusion -
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            He wasnt a greatly concernd about his spelling.



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              Research & Conclusion

              Contents include:

              The Maybrick Family
              The Trial of Florence Maybrick of 1889 and the need for courts of appeal.
              The Trial in Media
              The Whistle Stop tour of the Diary of Jack the Ripper
              Michael Barrett's Research notes
              "Ive found something under the floorboards, i think its important"
              The Maybrick Watch. Archaeology in Gold.
              The Science of the Watch
              The Private notes of Albert Johnson
              Ink. A Recipe for madness and death.
              What is not what with the Maybrick diary.

              To purchase your very own copy please click the link below
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                From Rick Cobb :

                DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER
                Research and Conclusion

                First draft copy arrived today, all looking rather sharp and we hope you will like it .

                Michael Barrett's research notes very clear and easy to read, so this should be perfect for examination and feedback discussion.

                Some fantastic work in regards to the ink tests and the independent investigations that have taken place behind the scenes.

                Make sure you grab a copy for yourself -

                Some photos of the book with Inspector A-bear-line

                To Join JTR Forums :
                Contact [email protected]


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                  THE DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER
                  Research and Conclusion (2017)

                  Available for purchase now!

                  NEW & EXCLUSIVE - can be purchased now by visiting the web page below.

                  £14.99 plus P&P

                  25 Years since the Diary of Jack the Ripper Made the headlines, a team of experts re-visit the case.

                  New research and recently discovered documents, shed new light on one of the most baffling mysteries in true crime and bring us one step closer to answering that all important question....

                  Who was Jack the Ripper?

                  Authors include:

                  Robert Anderson
                  Shirley Harrison
                  Keith Skinner
                  Professor David Canter
                  James Johnston
                  Paul Butler
                  Kieran James
                  Richard C. Cobb

                  Chapter breakdown:

                  * Introduction - 25 Years later
                  * The Maybrick Family
                  * The trial of Florence Maybrick
                  * The Maybrick trial in the media
                  * A Scrap book from Hell.
                  * Michael Barrett's Research Notes
                  * I've found something under the floorboards
                  * The Maybrick Watch. Archeology in Gold
                  * The Science of the Maybrick Watch
                  * The private notes of Albert Johnson
                  * Ink: A recipe for madness and death.
                  * What is not what, in the Maybrick Diary.

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                    THE DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER : Research and Conclusion - SOLD OUT !!

                    The inital print run of our book has sold out. Many thanks to all who purchased a copy online and at the conference.

                    We will be arranging a second run very soon and are already in talks about doing a very important update.

                    Watch this space !!!

                    Ricky Cobb


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                      The image two post back is just plain sick. Taking a break from this for a while.
                      Best Wishes,
                      Cris Malone
                      "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


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                        MORE COPIES OF - THE DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER: Research & Conclusion available.

                        We have ordered in another batch of 1000 copies of the Diary of Jack the Ripper to be sold on Amazon and several outlets in London. We are delighted with the interest already shown in the book, which sold out much quicker than we expected, and hope to bring you more Ripper material in 2018 from Secret Chamber Publishing.

                        Anyone wanting to snap up a copy for themselves please click the link -



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                          Last I looked, that link broke down if you tried to order from overseas.

                          It kept asking to pick a postal option or something and would not progress.

                          Put me right off.



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                            The link gives a 404 error in the UK too. Perhaps Ricky can sort it out.


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                              The link should work now

                              Ive edited a new link into last post and this one here