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    See you guys tomorrow for the big yorkshire crime weekend ))
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      My last day at the Midland Hotel and as i loiter around i just wanting to mention how enjoyable the last few days have been.

      Many thanks to all who turned up to support our Big Yorkshire Crime Weekend, hosted by the new 21st Century Ripperology Crime group - H Division.

      We enjoyed a varied program of talks and visits to locations of significance to the true crime enthusiast plus excellent company and good food.

      I still cant get over the amount of people who turned up on Saturday night to hear about the Yorkshire Ripper. 150 local residents all with their own personal story to tell about the effect the largest manhunt in Britain had on them and their families.

      For a small number who were able to hang around for the Monday and were hungry for more we also enjoyed an impromptu CSI tour around Bradford and Leeds focusing on the Yorkshire Ripper. Here we finally tracked down some hidden crime scenes and corrected mistakes that have been written in most books on the subject.

      (That doesnt happen every day in a Ripper subject )

      Special thanks to Colin Cobb for taking on the driving duties on this one. ( He was like Parker from Thinderbirds )

      Massive thanks Johanne Edgington, Pippa Jay and David Foulkes for the work they put in supporting the event and to my long suffering wife Becky, who really is the brains of the operation. ( Thats me in the good books now )

      Thank you to the three featured speakers, Gordon Lowe, Tim Tate and the ever dapper, not to say entertaining, Neil Storey.

      Thanks due to the excellent Mark Davis for his local knowledge particularly with reference to the John Gill murder plus capturing some amazing Photographs over those three days and to Lindsey Siviter for her well appreciated knowledge, guiding and help on our Bus day out.

      Thank you to the friendly and generous Yorkshire reception we received from the current occupiers of Donald Nielson's house and Albert Pierrepoint's former residence. Both of whom were unfazed by the sudden arrival of 30 gawping true crime enthusiasts turning up outside their homes and treated us as unexpected but welcome guests when they might have reasonably told us to get lost.

      The owner of Pierrepoints house actually let us all into his back yard for a closer inspection which was truly welcome.

      A big shout to the men and women of the Bradford Police Museum. All volunteers who opened up the building especially for us on the Sunday afternoon. Not only did they let us in , but they broke us up into smaller groups and gave a personal guided tour of the cells, courtroom, exercise yard and check in sections.

      As a thank you for such a kind gesture, i donated two original Yorkshire Ripper public help posters which i hope will now have a new home on the walls of the museum for others to see .

      To Richard & Sam Thorpe of Calverley Golf club who put on probably the finest finger buffet i have ever seen. I expected just sandwiches but Richard being the generous host he always has been laid out an awesome variety of hot and cold food , tea / coffee cakes and biscuits..... oh and there was beer

      A thank you should go to Jackie Murphy who provided us with some great ideas for future events and a list of some wonderful potential speakers.

      Finally thank you to all our fellow delegates and Members of H Division whose companionship and continued support was much enjoyed and appreciated.

      On a final note , id just like to say , these events are very much needed in our lives. Its a subject that can be quite lonely in our every day world of work and general living. So getting together with like minded people can have a very rewarding feel good vibe and it is a million miles away from the social media & internet Forum world where it is far too easy to fall out with others.

      If these events can make us all a little happier and we can meet new friends along the way , then , our job is done.

      Cant wait to see you all again this September in Liverpool when we can do it all again .!!!!

      ( To Join us in Liverpool . Go to. )


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        March 30, 2017


        Every year for the past two years the people have voted for their favourite "Ripperology/True Crime" book of the year to be presented at the Official Jack the Ripper Conference. This year the Conference team will continue to ensure that this tradition is upheld and we are currently working on a new easy to use system that encourages all in the field to get involved.

        We are also working on a fitting title for the annual award that represents both Ripper studies and the world of True Crime. We'd love to hear your suggestions on a name and if we pick it there might be a prize coming your way.

        The Book of the Year award will be presented at the 2017 Jack the Ripper Conference in Liverpool.

        For details please visit
        To Join JTR Forums :
        Contact [email protected]


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          Suggestions for Book award so far from Conference members :

          The Philip Sugden Award
          The Cloak and Dagger Award
          The Whitechapel Dagger
          Jacky's Choice. ( Not sure thats serious but it was suggested so here it is)
          H Divison Crime Award
          JTR Crime award
          l Matters Award

          We need more suggestions people -


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            If you would like to join our H division Facebook group clik the link here :

            If you would like to go one step further and become a signed up member and recieve four magazines of the new Ripperology / true crime magazine - The Dagger - then go to


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              The Dagger - spring 2017 - out now

              anyone wanting to get their own copy can simply go to


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                H Division will be launching a brand new Ripperology / True Crime PodCast this September. Starting with the Diary of Jack the Ripper panel discussion that will be held on the 22nd September 2017 in Liverpool at the Official Jack the Ripper conference.

                The panel will include Keith Skinner and Shirely Harrison. It will also include three others who have yet to be announced but we think you will be impressed.

                A special collectors book to mark the 25th anniversary is also in the works. Articles by Keith Skinner, Shirley Harrision , Ricky Cobb , Robert Smith and a few others yet to be named should make it the most exciting book launch of the year. ( in my opinion ofcourse )

                We hope you can all be there for what promises to be the biggest Ripperology event Liverpool has ever seen .

                Tickets available


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                  2ND DECEMBER 2017
                  Arbor City Hotel , Osborn Street , London's East End .

                  From H division Crime Club and the team behind the official Jack the ripper conference's , we are proud to announce our Xmas meet up event. To be held in the heart of Jack the Ripper's London.

                  Yes folks , its time to put our money where our mouth is and solve the great Victorian mystery. Included will be an awesome three course dinner while we watch the events unfold and then attempt to solve the case.

                  So if you fancy having a truly fantastic xmas experience then join us this December.

                  Limited Spaces available so ...... Catch us while you can !!!

                  TO BOOK CLICK HERE -


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                    COMING THIS SEPTEMBER - Released for the Official Jack the ripper conference 2017

                    THE DAGGER TRUE CRIME MAGAZINE - From the files of H Division Crime Club.

                    SUMMER EDITION 2017

                    The Boss of Bethnal Green
                    by Julian Woodford

                    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: The Tragedy of Ruth Ellis
                    By Amanda Harvey Purse

                    The Talented Mr Brinkley
                    By Jan Bondeson

                    The Death of Bonnie and Clyde
                    By Stewart Neville

                    The Social Study of Serial Killers
                    By Kevin Haggerty

                    Who killed Constable Cock
                    By Angela Buckley

                    HH Holmes: The Devil in the White City
                    By Mark Potts


                    The Ripper Files - Case Closed by Gyles Brandreth

                    Plus much more of the latest news and updates from around the world of True Crime and Ripperology.


                    Its available as a Hard Copy or PDF - all depending on your preferred budget .


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                      Official jack the ripper facebook group

                      REPORTS FROM H DIVISION :::::

                      Have you guys checked out the Official Jack the Ripper Facebook page ? 3314 members and climbing.



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                        September 22nd - 24th
                        JACK THE RIPPER CONFERENCE 2017 - LIVERPOOL

                        December 2nd
                        VICTORIAN MURDER MYSTERY DINNER - Annual H Division xmas party

                        Febuary 3rd
                        H DIVISON MEET UP - LONDON - Jack the Ripper Guest speaker


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                          DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER: Research and Conclusion

                          NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE at

                          New Research and hidden notes
                          Attached Files


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                            JACK THE RIPPER BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2017 - WINNER.

                            We are delighted to announce Mick Priestley the winner of the Jack the Ripper book of the year award 2017 , with , "One Autumn in Whitechapel"

                            The winner as chosen by you, will receive the award at the annual Jack the Ripper Conference, taking place this year in Liverpool.

                            Many thanks to all who took part and congratulations to Mick Priestley for such a fantastic achievement with his first ever Book on the subject.

                            To buy a copy of - One Autumn in Whitechapel - click here -


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                              H DIVISION CRIME CLUB -

                              We will soon be announcing our regular meet ups and events to take place in 2018 , covering the world of True Crime and Jack the Ripper. So far suggestions have been to have these in London's East End and we are looking at a superb venue which might be able to accomodate us throughout the year.

                              Please watch this space.



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                                FINDING MARY JANE KELLY: 9th November 2017

                                H Division: The Ripperology Crime Club will be visiting all the sites associated with Mary Jane Kelly on the 129th anniversary of her death.

                                Date: 9th November 2017
                                Time: 12pm
                                Location : The White Hart pub, Aldgate East.
                                Cost: Free of Charge

                                Events - Visit key locations associated with Mary Jane Kelly , includes a visit to St Patricks Roman Catholic church to visit "The marker to Kelly" in the graveyard. Plus looking at the new research conducted in attempting to located the actual grave.

                                Afterwards we will visit the Birkbeck pub where mourners drank the day of the funeral. A finger buffet and short presentation will be hosted in the pub.

                                For more info please email :

                                [email protected]

                                Many thanks and we hope to see you there

                                Ricky Cobb
                                H Division Crime Club