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Jack the Ripper Conference: 130th Anniversary 2018 - LONDON

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  • Jack the Ripper Conference: 130th Anniversary 2018 - LONDON

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    Thanks for posting How

    Yes Autumn is Coming .... but are you ready ?

    The 130th Anniversary Jack the Ripper Conference in 2018 will take a new direction and be very different from what we have seen before.

    In 2018 we will also be making the conferences affordable for all budgets and delivering for the first time a new way to book the weekend events.


    After 2018 the Jack the Ripper conference will be hosted on the same day each year in London's East End and at the same Venue. This will make it easier for many to plan well ahead in advance and make time to arrange for that particular weekend off. We hope this will turn into a proper annual meet up of Ripperologists from across the world both academically and socially.

    Conferences outside London will be hosted by H division Crime Club and will focus on General true crime from across the world.

    News of LONDON 2018 #130years. Will be announced soon

    Many thanks

    Ricky Cobb


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      The Official Jack the Ripper conference is pleased to present -

      130th Anniversary 1888 - 2018

      THE DOUBLE EVENT - 29th & 30th September 2018

      To be held at the Arbor City Hotel, Osborn Street , in London's East End.

      Bookings are now being taken for the 130th Anniversary conference, to be held at the Arbor Hotel in London's East End on 29th & 30th September 2018.

      Its been 130 years since the Whitechapel murders of 1888 began and we will holding a packed weekend of events, talks, discussions and field trips.

      The dates of the conference (29th & 30th September ) coincide with the 130 years since the night of the Double Event which saw the deaths of both Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes.

      As well as a full line up of expert talks and events relating to the Jack the Ripper mystery, we will also be teaming up with H division Crime Club to bring you other True Crime cases from around the world.

      A special 130th Anniversary Dinner will be held on the Saturday evening of the Conference and a guest of honour, Martin Fido will provide an after dinner talk to mark the occasion.

      We are sure the Conference weekend will be a well attended event for True Crime enthusiasts everywhere. We look forward to seeing you.


      SATURDAY 29th SEPTEMBER - 10am - 4.30pm
      The Jack the Ripper Crime Conference.

      4 Expert Speakers, including Prof David Wilson will focus on 130 years of Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders.

      SATURDAY EVENING : 7pm till late
      130th Anniversary Dinner event, an evening with Martin Fido.

      Three course meal with wine reception
      Guest of honour Martin Fido will be our after dinner speaker with his presentation :
      "Jack the Ripper: The French Connection"

      Includes :
      Book of the Year award 2018

      SUNDAY 30th SEPTEMBER - 10am -4.30pm

      H Divison presents: THE CRIME BUS DAY OUT

      A special VIP event hosted by H divison Crime Club which includes Bus trip and tour focussing on infamous crimes. ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THE PURCHASE OF A VIP TICKET.

      We have made the conference suitable for all budgets with separate day / dinner tickets available to all.

      * Please note there are only 50 VIP tickets up for grabs.


      4 Guest Speakers including Prof David Wison
      Tea, Coffee , lunch included

      130th Anniversary Dinner
      Three Course Dinner with wine reception
      Guest Speaker: Martin Fido - "Jack the Ripper: The French Connection


      VIP TICKET - £150
      Includes all of the above plus exclusive access to Sunday's

      H Division Crime Bus Day out with Guided tour, Tea , Coffee and Buffet lunch.

      We hope to see as many of you as possible for what promises to be the "must go to" Ripperology event of 2018.

      We will see you there



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        As you may have seen, one of the main Speakers for the Jack the Ripper - 130th Anniversary Conference in London's East End: 29th & 30th September 2018 is .......


        Regarded as the Uk's leading Criminologist, Professor David Wilson is professor at Birmingham City University. A former prison governor, he is known for his work as a criminologist specialising in serial killers through his work with various British police forces, academic publications, books, and media appearances.

        Professor Wilson has acted as an advisor to various police forces as a criminologist, and in 2006 was involved in the Ipswich serial murders, which led to the successful arrest and prosecution of serial killer Steve Wright.

        He was named top public criminologist by the Times Higher Education Supplement in both 2008 and 2009.

        2017, He acted as Moderator on the Dean Strang and Jerry Buting Making a Murderer Tour in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Newcastle.

        Prof Wilson has been conducting some in-depth research into the Ripper case and will reveal his findings to the delegates in London.

        Only 50 VIP tickets available, Day tickets , dinner tickets are also available - check out the details at


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          The 130th Anniversary Conference has just been announced - it will be held on 29th & 30th September in London's East End. We have also announced two of our main speakers, yesterday we announced Prof David Wilson and today we welcome back .........
          MARTIN FIDO
          Regarded as one of the worlds leading authorities of Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders, Martin Fido is a university professor, true crime writer and broadcaster. His many books include The Crimes, Detection and Death of Jack the Ripper, The Official Encyclopedia of Scotland Yard, Serial Killers, and The Murder Guide to London. He is also one of the authors of The complete Jack the Ripper A to Z.

          Martin Fido has made several appearances at the official Jack the Ripper Crime Conferences and we are delighted he has decided to join us once again for the 130th Anniversary to be held in the heart of London's East End in September 2018.


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            Note the Martin Fido equivalent of the bat-signal being projected across his shirt.
            Kind regards, Sam Flynn

            "Suche Nullen"
            (F. Nietzsche)


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              From the team that brought you YORK 2012, LONDON 2013, NOTTINGHAM 2015, LONDON 2016 & the upcoming LIVERPOOL 2017 -

              OFFICIAL JACK THE RIPPER CONFERENCE - 130th Anniversary - LONDON
              THE DOUBLE EVENT 29th & 30th September 2018

              So guys , we see the 2018 announcement has already proved most popular.

              * Please Note

              This year we have decided make it easier for all budgets and deliberately set out individual prices for each day , dinner and conference packs...... and ofcourse the VIP ticket which covers everything.

              If you havent already looked at the 2018 itinerary then please do so now. As stated in earlier threads we only have 50 VIP tickets. After that it will only be day tickets for Saturday and Dinner with Guest speaker.

              We are also hoping to incorporate a special VIP tour on the Saturday night at the exact times of the Double Event, 130 years to the day.

              To check out the website for the 130th Anniversary conference please go to -


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                JACK THE RIPPER CONFERENCE: 130th Anniverary 1888 - 2018 - LONDON
                The Double Event 29th & 30th September 2018

                Pleased to report that the BIG 130th Conference will be held at the ARBOR CITY HOTEL IN LONDON , situated in the centre of Jack the Ripper's London in Osborn Street.

                MARTIN FIDO & PROF DAVID WILSON have both been confirmed.

                Many of you will be more than familair with Osborn Street as its the site of the Emma Smith attack on 3rd April 1888 , leading onto the Whitechapel murders.

                In the next street over you have Gunthorpe Street and at the End of Osborn street you have Brick lane with the Frying pan pub , last known watering hole of Mary Ann Nichols the night she died and ofcourse just a bit further down is Hanbury Street where Annie Chapman was murdered.

                Looking at the map of each of the Canonical five victims you can clearly see Osborn street is pretty much the central Location.

                For the 130th Anniversary we could be in no better place.

                Hope to see you there.

                *Please Note the different pricing stuctures (to suit everyones budget) is in place for each day and event. VIP tickets for the whole weekend are ready to purchase now but only 50 will be made avaialble. After they are sold only day tickets and dinner tickets will be available.

                Attached Files


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                  Many thanks to all those who have already paid deposits for the 130th anniversary conference in London for THE DOUBLE EVENT. 29th & 30th September 2018

                  40 tickets reserved so far.

                  Once VIP tickets are gone there will only be Day tickets and dinner tickets available.

                  TO BOOK

                  *PLEASE NOTE
                  When booking make sure to book the right year as there is both 2017 and 2018 advertised on site.

                  Speakers announced so far -

                  Martin Fido

                  Prof David Wilson

                  UPDATE -

                  A special late night tour will be organised to mark the 130th Anniversary of the Double Event. We will be visiting the actual murder sites at 1am and 1.45am on Saturday 30th September, 130 years to the day.

                  Live broadcast and guest tour guide to be announced


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                    JACK THE RIPPER CONFERENCE - 130th Anniversary Conference 1888 -2018
                    LONDON's EAST END - The Double Event
                    29th & 30th September 2018


                    Very pleased to say that the limited edition VIP tickets are almost sold out - seems nobody wants to miss this one.

                    Speakers announced so far :

                    Martin Fido

                    Prof David Wilson

                    Events announced so far :

                    Double Event anniversary guided tour to mark exact hour 130 years to the day of the night of the double event. Live broadcast - Celebrity guide.

                    Please check the website to see whats available


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                      Are you going to miss it ?



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                        Many Thanks to all who have reserved / purchased VIP tickets for the BIG 130th Anniversary Conference to be held in London's East End on the Anniversary of the DOUBLE EVENT 29th/30th September 2018.

                        The Break down is as follows :

                        SATURDAY 29th SPETEMBER -

                        4 Expert Speakers including PROF DAVID WILSON, regarded as the UK's leading criminologist.

                        Hot Buffet Lunch

                        Annual Collectors Conference Pack

                        Special 130th Anniversary Dinner event hosted by MARTIN FIDO
                        Free Wine reception included. Black tie event.

                        Jack the Ripper Book of the Year award

                        Outstanding achievement award 2018

                        Merchandise , book signings , book sales and book launches.

                        WHITECHAPEL AFTER DARK - VIP Guided Tour to the locations associated wit the night of the Double Event , including Berner Street at 1am and Mitre Square at 1.45am - 130 years to the hour. Live broadcast

                        SUNDAY 30th SEPTEMBER

                        H Division Crime Club hosts CRIME BUS day out -
                        Visitng sites associated with some the most notorious murder cases in UK history. Special guest tour guide and commentary - includes buffet lunch and. Pub stops.

                        **Please Note - CRIME BUS only available with the purchase of a VIP ticket.

                        To pay a deposit for the VIP conference ticket please visit the official site at

                        Check website for details. Prices Vary.

                        Many thanks

                        Ricky Cobb
                        Jack the Ripper Conference (TM)


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                          August 27, 2017

                          The Jack the Ripper Conference London 2018 is proud to present :

                          DR KATHERINE RAMSLAND

                          Dr. Katherine Ramsland teaches forensic psychology at DeSales University in Pennsylvania. She has published over 1,000 articles, stories, blogs, and reviews, and 60 books, including Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, The Mind of a Murderer: Privileged Access to the Demons That Drive Extreme Violence, The Forensic Science of CSI, Inside the Minds of Serial Killers, The Human Predator: A Historical Chronicle of Serial Murder and Forensic Investigation, The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, Beating the Devil's Game: A History of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation, The Sex Beast, The Devil’s Dozen, The CSI Effect, and The Criminal Mind: A Writers' Guide to Forensic Psychology.

                          Her book, Psychopath, was a #1 bestseller on the Wall Street Journal’s list.

                          Additionally, she has written books on the vampire subculture, including The Science of Vampires, The Heat Seekers, and Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today. She has published biographies of Anne Rice and Dean Koontz, as well as two books about writing, and has been translated into 12 languages.

                          Her background in forensic studies positioned her to assist former FBI profiler John Douglas on The Cases That Haunt Us and to co-write a book with former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary, The Unknown Darkness.

                          She also co-wrote The Real Life of a Forensic Scientist with renowned criminalist Henry C. Lee and A Voice for the Dead with James E. Starrs (for which she served on an exhumation team).

                          Ramsland’s most recent books are The Ripper Letter, a supernatural erotic thriller based on Jack the Ripper lore; a textbook, Forensic Investigation: Methods from Experts (2017); and a book for consultants, The Psychology of Death Investigations (forthcoming).

                          She is at work on Track the Ripper, the second novel in her Hearts of Darkness series.
                          Ramsland presents workshops to law enforcement, psychologists, coroners, judges, and attorneys, and has consulted for CSI and Bones.

                          She speaks internationally about forensic psychology, forensic science, and serial murder, and has appeared on numerous crime documentaries.

                          She writes a regular blog for Psychology Today called “Shadow-boxing.”



                          Katherine Ramsland. 1,463 likes · 7 talking about this. This is a fan page for Katherine Ramsland, where I will post news about projects and presentations.


                          Please visit official Conference website for bookings


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                            Thanks for posting that up How.

                            Dr Katherine Ramsland is one of the leading experts in criminology and we are very much looking forward to her finally attending the official Jack the ripper Conference.

                            Alongside The Uk's leading criminologist Prof David Wilson and Martin Fido , London 2018 is already shaping up to be the hottest ticket in Ripperology for the 130th Anniversary.

                            We are honoured to be hosting it.


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                              Tickets going extremelly well for 2018. ( gonna need bigger boat at this rate)


                              Check out latest speakers and info at