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Jack the Ripper Conference: 130th Anniversary 2018 - LONDON

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    130th Anniversary 1888 - 2018
    The Double Event 29th & 30th September 2018

    The Venue -
    The Arbor Hotel
    Osborn Street
    London's East End

    Speakers announced so far -

    Martin Fido

    Prof David Wilson

    Dr Kate Ramsland

    60 tickets already taken , only 40 remain.

    Do you want to miss it ?


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      JACK THE RIPPER CONFERENCE: LONDON - 29th& 30th september 2018
      130th Anniversary Event.

      We are pleased to announce that we will be adding an extra day onto the Conference weekend for 2018.

      The Double Event has now become the TRIPLE event. This is due to the high levels of attendees Already booked and our desire to put on more speakers to give people real value for money.

      Anyone not wanting to miss out on this key weekend anniversary please book your place now -

      Many thanks

      Richard Cobb


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        The 130th Anniversary event: 29th & 30th September

        Really excited to announce there will be three new book launches from Secret Chamber Publishing to coincide with the 130th anniversary event.

        JACK THE RIPPER: Prime Suspect

        JACK THE RIPPER : 130 Years of Mystery

        WHITECHAPEL AFTER DARK: Exploring East London under the cover of darkness.

        Speakers so far include :

        Martin Fido
        Prof David Wilson
        Dr Katherine Ramsland

        If you would like to join the only Jack the Ripper Conference to be held in Whitechapel, London for 130th Anniversary then please visit

        For regular H Division Crime Club meetings in Whitechapel throughout the year please visit

        Many thanks

        Ricky Cobb


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          from all at the official Jack the Ripper Conference team.


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            Same to you Rick...the little fellas will be here in a couple of hours.


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              Jack the Ripper Conference 2018 - The 130th Anniversary
              28th - 30th September

              We have a wonderful line up of speakers ready for next year , including the UK’s leading Criminologist Prof David Wilson and Leading Ripperologist Martin Fido.

              Dr Katherine Ramsland is flying over from the states to share her initimate knowledge with us in her presentation - “Talking with Serial Killers”. With the TV series Mindhunter being a huge success on Netflix this will be an amazing opportunity to finally get inside the minds of those that kill and those that seek to find the answers to real life monsters.

              Included in the official weekend package will be a special 130th Anniversary bus tour for all delegates, origianlly we had capped numbers at 50 but due to such high demand we have had to open up more tickets and are already 3/4 sold out. So looks like 2/3 buses it will be.

              ( i wish it was like this every year lol )

              As always a special 130th anniversary collectors Conference pack will be commisioned in the shape of a police file. Many have commented that the modern packs are far superior in style and layout and so with this in mind we will keep to the same format but being an anniversary year we will add a few extra goodies.

              A three course banquet dinner and wine reception will be part of the weekend which is now regarded as the normal event associated with all great conferences.
              An after dinner guest speaker will mark the occasion .

              The Jack the Ripper book of the year award 2018 will be presented and a special commemorative DVD will also be filmed, so we will need some talking heads and wanabe movie stars to get in contact and voice your interest in being recorded.

              Expect more expert speakers in the world of Ripperology and True Crime , book launches , memoribillia and as always a jolly good time fo all enthusiasts.

              We thank all those in the field who continue to support these events. Without you it wouldnt be possible.

              If you want to come along and finally meet people face to face then please book your tickets asap


              Ricky Cobb


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                Jack the Ripper Conference 2018 - London's East End - Update

                Hi guys Check out all the latest info on the official Jack the Ripper Conference in London for the 130th Anniversary at

                Remember this will be the only Jack the Ripper Conference to be held in London’s East End for 130th Anniversary and 3/4 of the tickets are already gone.

                As always with the official conferences , we will be hosting the weekends events in a 5 star hotel in the centre of Jack the Ripper’s London , there will be conference packs, lunches and a special three course meal with wine reception and guest speaker. Merchandise , book sales, signings and launches will available aswell.

                We wish to thank all those in the field who continue to support us and we look forward to providing you with another sold out event for 2018.

                Tickets and bookings -

                Official Jack the Ripper Facebook Group -


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                  JACK THE RIPPER CONFERENCE 2018
                  29th & 30th September - The Double Event
                  Whitechapel - London

                  The official conference team return to mark the 130th Anniversary of the Ripper murders. This will be the only Jack the Ripper Conference to be held in East London in 2018, so please get your spaces booked. You wont want to miss this.

                  Official Website -


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                    JACK THE RIPPER CONFERENCE 2018
                    29th & 30th September - The Double Event
                    Whitechapel - London

                    Congrats to Gordon Stoker who became our 60th Delegate for the 130th Anniversary conference taking place in London’s East End in 2018.

                    Very humbled by the amount of support and enthusiasm shown towards London 2018 and in my honest opinon has been the easiest to set up since 2012.

                    40 more spaces and i can put my feet up.

                    Right so , if you wanna be part of this moment in history please get your deposits in for the biggest event in Ripperology next year.

                    Here is the link -


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                      THE DOUBLE EVENT : 29th & 30th September 2018

                      Check out the latest speakers and info to mark the 130th event

                      Limited numbers so please get your space reserved


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                        JACK THE RIPPER 130th ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE 2018
                        28th, 29th & 30th September - London’s East End.

                        Hi guys , hope you all had a fantastic xmas and New Year and all the hangovers are now gone.

                        We now pretty much have about 25 tickets left for the big 130 event in London’s East End this September so if you are thinking of buying a ticket , well ... nows the time.

                        Speakers announced so far -

                        Prof David Wilson - ( apparently shooting a new documentary on the whitechapel murders and will be bringing his camera crew with him. Ive been asked to round up a few talking heads , so if you have booked and wish to say something on camera please let me know. )

                        Martin Fido

                        Dr Katherine Ramsland - ( recently acquired Dr Ramslands interview book with the BTK killer , def recommend for all )

                        AND ..............

                        A New speaker will be announced tomorrow. A Ripperologist we have not yet seen at a conference but whose book was highly discussed a few years ago. I’ll leave that with you guys to guess and i’ll see you all again on Wednesday.

                        Dont forget -

                        If you want a ticket to the ONLY. jack the Ripper Conference taking place in Whitechapel, London for the 130th then please visit the official website at


                        Ricky Cobb


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                          Jonathan Hainsworth

                          The Jack the Ripper Crime Conference: 130th Anniversary in London 2018 this September, is pleased to present -
                          JJ HAINSWORTH
                          JACK THE RIPPER: Case Solved 1891

                          The case for Montague John Druitt being Jack the Ripper has fascinated researchers and arm chair detectives of the Whitechapel murders for over 100 years.
                          Why was this young barrister / teacher named as Scotland Yards top suspect?
                          What secret information did high ranking officials possess that drew them to this conclusion ?
                          Can those who claim to have known the identity of Jack the Ripper be considered reliable ?

                          This September Author & Teacher, JJ Hainsworth , sheds new light on one of the most fascinating suspects in the investigation and makes a case for the professional competence of those who were in a position to know the truth behind Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders.
                          Conference tickets can be obtained now at :

                          About JJ Hainsworth -
                          Jonathan Hainsworth has almost thirty years experience educating students across State, Independent and Catholic school systems in Adelaide, South Australia.
                          Whilst teaching about the disparity between wealth and poverty in the British Empire of the 19th Century, he stumbled upon using the Whitechapel Murders as a handy entry point - and it grew into a unit unto itself.
                          It was encouragement from his students that led Jonathan to turn this Popular unit on “Jack the Ripper” into a full-length book.
                          Poring through pages of primary and secondary sources with his partner and researcher, Christine Ward-Agius, the pair discovered new sources and links, and re-interpreted overlooked material to create the book “Jack the Ripper-Case Solved, 1891” (McFarland and Co., 2015).
                          Since that publication, further research has uncovered new material and revelations - and Jonathan and Christine are currently writing an entirely new book on this subject.
                          In 1991 Jonathan provided historical advice to acclaimed director Oliver Stone during the promotion of his film “JFK”. Therefore it is no surprise that another book Jonathan has worked on (and off) is an unfinished manuscript titled: “The Men behind the Man who shot J.F.K.”
                          To buy tickets for the 130th Anniversary Conference in London this September, please visit:


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                            Thanks for posting this up How.

                            I must say i am def looking forward to this talk. Especially the new information Mr Hainsworth has acquired since his book has been released. Druitt still remains that ever popular suspect which we really cant dismiss.

                            So ladies and Gentlemen , the Jack the Ripper Conference 2018 ( To mark the 130th anniversary of the Whitechapel murders ) at the Arbor Hotel in London : 29th & 30th September. SPEAKERS UPDATES :

                            Martin Fido

                            Prof David Wilson

                            Dr Katherine Ramsland

                            JJ Hainsworth

                            Tickets can be purchased at

                            Many thanks

                            Ricky C Cobb


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                              Oh almost forgot to mention.

                              We now have only 18 tickets left for 130th Anniversary conference in London.

                              Snap up the rest at


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                                JACK THE RIPPER:
                                THE 130TH ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE
                                29th & 30th September 2018 - London

                                Welcome to the Only Jack the Ripper Conference to take place in the East End for the 130th Anniversary , making this a unique and special event not to be missed.

                                This year marks 130 years since the start of the the world’s most infamous murder mystery.

                                A special anniversary weekend hosted by H Division Crime Club, will be held in the Arbor City on Osborn Street. The location is truly fitting as it was here on April 3rd 1888 that the Whitechapel murders began.

                                A full line up of expert talks, discussions and events relating to the Jack the Ripper and other True Crime mysteries will take place over the weekend of 29th & 30th September. To those studying the Jack the Ripper mystery, this weekend falls 130 years since the night of the Double Event where the Ripper murdered two victims in the same night.

                                SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED SO FAR:

                                Martin Fido

                                Prof David Wilson

                                Dr Katherine Ramsland

                                JJ Hainsworth

                                WHAT DO I GET FOR MY MONEY ?

                                10 Expert power point presentations on Jack the Ripper and True Crime.

                                Crime Bus tour - The Victims

                                Special 130th Anniversary Conference Pack

                                Expert Panel Debate and Discussion

                                Hot buffet lunch on both days of the event.

                                Book of the Year award 2018

                                Lifetime achievement award.

                                Tea, coffee and refreshments

                                Three course Anniversary banquet meal with after dinner guest speaker.

                                Wine reception

                                Merchandise and memorabilia

                                Book launches, signings and sales

                                ( DOUBLE EVENT TOUR - For those who can stay up late enough we will be visiting the crime scene locations of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes at the exact hour of the murders 130 years to the day )

                                HOW DO I BOOK ?

                                There is a small deposit option which secures your place, with the remainder paid at a later date.