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    Originally posted by Cris Malone View Post
    Originally posted by Trevor Bond View Post
    … if I'm walking South down Bishopsgate, where EXACTLY do I pass from 1888 Met police territory into City? Is it the junction of Middlesex st?
    Colin can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that would be where Spital Square junctions with Bishopsgate from the east.
    You are correct, Cris!

    Corrections (Click Image, to Enlarge in flickr)

    Purple: The City of London (Jurisdiction of the City of London Police Force)


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      Well done there then Cris! Thanks both, an awful lot - you are a helpful bunch over here! That map is great too Colin - answers an awful lot of questions (and thus too saves you being bothered with an awful lot more...)


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        I probably wouldn't have known except I had been doing some research on Dr. Phillips of late and found that his home at No. 2 Spital Square was just out of the City.
        Best Wishes,
        Cris Malone
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          Can anybody direct me?

          Could one of you kind people give me directions on this map of how to get from Mitre Square to the Wentworth Model Dwellings?I am useless with maps even when I know where I am going.Thank you so much.Maggie


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            Hi Maggie

            There are a few ways. A direct easy route (for you to folllow) would be to go from Mitre Square (a red dot highlights it on the bottom left hand corner. )
            Come out of Mitre Square onto Mitre Street, follow this down to Aldgate High Street, past Duke Street and Houndsditch and Middlesex Street and up the next street which is Goulston Street, where The buildings were built at the top joining onto Wentworth Street I believe.

            Of course there are other ways but I am sure you can play around with it a little more if you know the basics. Feel free to ask if you more detail though.

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              Thank you Tracy that was exactly what I needed to know.



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                Originally posted by How Brown View Post
                As inspired by Celesta, this map might come in handy for JTRForums members at some point...

                Will someone please point me to a map of Whitechapel with a scale? Every map I have looked at has lacked a scale legend. Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.
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                  This might help.

                  Colin Roberts or Rob Clack might know of maps more suitable for you.
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