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Harry Powers' Lonely Hearts Club Man

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  • Harry Powers' Lonely Hearts Club Man

    The basis of Davis Grubb's book and subsequent film which Charles Laughton directed, featuring Robert Mitchum & Lillian Gish...Night Of The Hunter.

    Mitchum portrays Harry Powell in the film.

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    I did a bit of research on Powers a few weeks ago, only to discover that, oops, none of my findings were new...

    His birth name was "Harm Drenth" and his parents were Wilko and Jantje Drenth. He had a sister, Grietje. Harm was born on November 13, 1892. The four emigrated to the US in 1910 or so, Anglicizing their names. Harm became Herman, and eventually he started going by Harry Powers.

    Bizarrely, by the time of his arrest in 1931, Harry and his father were the only survivors of the family. Jantje and Grietje had died back in 1927.

    Harry was hanged in 1932, and on October 6, 1933, Wilko committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a rifle. Ouch.


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      Thanks a lot, Okiku.....much appreciated


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        From the looks of Harry's face, it seems the police used their powers of persuasion to get the confession.