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100 Greatest Film Characters

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  • 100 Greatest Film Characters

    And let the disagreeing begin....

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    Dr. Strangelove should have been #1 and he isn't even on the list. Movies have been around for 121 years but not one more than 69 years old here.


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      Ive probably seen only 30 or 40 movies on the list. Seems like the list guy is a young big Sci-Fi/ Fantasy fan. I liked the Eastwood westerns and dirty Harry films. Stallone is terrific. Hes a bright funny guy, a good writer who hammered his niche on the screen by talent and perseverence. Citizen Kane way high up? No Third Man? Charlton Heston didnt make the list? He didnt see Ben Hur or Kartoum? No Robert Redford for "Butch Cassidy" or "Jeremiah Johnson"? No Lawrene Olivie
      ,' John Wayne, Peter O'Toole, Billy Bob Thortom(Sling Blade)

      How is it such a young ingnorant ******* gets to publish a web-wide list?


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        Apparently silent movies don't count. How about John Barrymore (1920) as Mr. Hyde or Lon Chaney (1925) as the Phantom?

        Norman Bates in Psycho was the only one I saw with a true-crime connection (excluding gangsters) and should have been higher up. How about Perry Smith from In Cold Blood?

        Yes, Ben Hur should have been on there but I don't remember seeing anyone on the list from a 1950s film. Where's Shane or James Stewart as Jeffries in Rear Window?

        Very few actresses on the list as well. Where's Gloria Swanson from Sunset Boulevard, Rita Hayworth as Gilda, Kathy Bates as Delores Claiborne, Grace Kelly from Dial M for Murder, Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity or Ann Savage as Vera from Detour?

        What about the hundreds of thousands of non-English language films? How about Marcello Rubini in La Dolce vita?

        Christopher Lee for Dracula - get real!

        ***SPOILER ALERT***

        I like Fight Club but no way that should have been anywhere near #1 for Pitt. Brad Pitt's best character was Early Grayce in Kalifornia (1993) and that isn't on the list either.


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          Take II

          Still no Dr. Strangelove, but read the comments.