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Dr Strange: Sorceror extraordinaire

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  • Dr Strange: Sorceror extraordinaire

    I hear that my all time favourite comic book character is the lead in the first Disney superhero film due out 2012/2013

    Dr Strange is a surgeon who is proficient in magical arts, specifically Black Magic, and who sorts out any supernatural threats to the lesser superheroes

    He only turns up on occasion but when he does he is quite decisive

    I don't know why they didn't give him a call when the Silver Surfer turned up as that is just the type of adversary he would deal with

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    Dr. Steven Strange, one of my all time favourites. I think I used to have issue #1. They actually made a movie based on the comic in 1978 titled "Dr. Strange." It was one of those Movies Made For Television we got in North America that were mostly two hour TV show pilots. Dr. Strange never made it from TV movie to TV show and other than John Mills being in it I don't remember much about it (other than an outside shot of Strange's house) although I remember liking it a lot. I Wish someone would box-set the Movies Made For Television; I'd kill to see them again.



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      They've been threatening to make a Dr. Strange movies on and off for years.

      It would be great if they finally followed through.
      "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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        Funnily enough Wolf, that's pretty much what I remember

        I think the story was a bit cheesy and all I remember is the round window in his house and the 70's psychedelia

        A new film has been contemplated for a while now

        I think Black Magic as a major part of the storyline is difficult to express well

        Dennis Wheatley was the master

        I wasn't happy to hear Dr Strange was stripped of his Sorceror Supreme title and a successor found, though it was part of a storyline in which the new Supreme Sorceror ended up as a sacrifice

        The comic story I remember was when Dr Strange had to say some words that should never be said (a bit like in "The Devil Rides Out") and stops time, the Universe and everything to combat some demonic force