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    Phil and Mike:

    You know...I just thought of something. I cannot name one state executioner from the USA.
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      Originally posted by How Brown View Post
      You know...I just thought of something. I cannot name one state executioner from the USA.
      I'll offer you even money that at least one of them was called "Cletus"


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        Thanks Philip, I didn't realise it would fetch that much!
        My father is also into true crime and I called him to let him know I had the book, he lives only 4 houses away and within minutes he was round to borrow it!


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          Originally posted by How Brown View Post
          Phil and Mike:

          You know...I just thought of something. I cannot name one state executioner from the USA.
          Heh - well, it was a very different situation in the US, How. In the UK we had only a handful of men in 100 years with probably only a couple of dozen assistants. In the US you had loads of them. Sheriffs were made responsible for hangings and were only too pleased if someone would volunteer to take the responsibility. There have been so many executioners in the US, and they are frequently shrouded in such anonymity (I mean, do any of us know who threw the switch on Snyder, Hauptmann or Bundy, who released the gas on Chessman or pressed the button on Gacy?).

          Without being able to name names, I can think of only three US executioners. The guy whose wife used to bake cakes for the condemned and stitch the hoods, the guy who wrote the ultra-rare book AGENT OF DEATH (I think it was called) and that notorious Southern petty criminal covered in tattoos who used to drive around with a mobile electric chair. I think his first name was Jimmy.

          I think it might say something about national attitudes to Capital Punishment that in the UK these figures are far more famous than in the US.

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            Grover Cleveland

            The only American president to serve two nonconsecutive terms also carried out two executions while sheriff in Buffalo, New York. He hanged a man that stabbed his own mother and a few months later hanged a murderer. During the 1884 elections his rivals called him “Buffalo's Hangman" and tried to use the executions against him. Neither the allegations that he had a child out of wedlock, nor the nickname hurt his candidacy. In fact, some historians believe that personally executing criminals made him appear tough on crime.


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              Interesting article:


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                Copied from the My Liverpool forum --

                Originally posted by Howie
                Judicial hanging is quick and painless when carrried out correctly, "Our Albert" (Pierrepoint) would have told you that. Using a calculation of your weight, build and length of drop he would have you meeting your maker before you could say supercalifrigilisticexpialidocious and all for only 15 guineas (inflation would now have increased this). And he was quite polite too, although I think it weird to wipe your knife and fork on the tablecloth after your meal.
                The smiling Southport man who killed more than 400 people

                Albert Pierrepoint travelled the country hanging men and women for a living yet his last execution was at Walton prison

                Southport man Albert Pierrepoint, the Chief Executioner, who executed more than 400 people before becoming a death penalty abolitionist

                "What do you want to be when you grow up?" - "A hangman."

                This was the answer of a young Albert Pierrepoint who made a career out of killing more than 400 people.

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