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  • An American Crime

    Its probably one of the most disturbing films I've seen in years...

    An American Crime. An Indiana woman and her complicity in the death of a young girl in her charge.

    I have an issue with the victim's sister. I cannot believe that she said nothing to anyone during the entire ordeal of Sylvia Likens.

    Check this film out.

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    Hi How,

    Yes, I saw that film several of weeks ago and put up a recommendation over on that "other JtR site" then. It's been out on DVD for more than a month and all the 15 or so copies are still rented out every time I go to Blockbuster. I think I listed it as something like #14 in my list of best true crime films of all time; that's 14 out of hundreds.

    Hopefully, the woman who tortured that poor girl to death is in Hell now.


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      Well if the woman is in Hell when I get there, she'll wish she wasn't.


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        Sometimes its hard to tell who is more frigging nuts...whackos like Feminazi Millett or the woman in the story...check this out:

        Feminist Kate Millett wrote a semi-fictional book relating to the incident, The Basement: Meditations on a Human Sacrifice. Millett stated in an interview that the murder of Sylvia Likens "is the story of the suppression of women. Gertrude seems to have wanted to administer some terrible truthful justice to this girl: that this was what it was to be a woman."[

        Actually, the story has nothing to do with the suppression of anyone but one child who just happened to be female. Feminist freaks need incidents like this occur in order for them to push their books-slash-merchandise. Millett is known for her position that pedophilia can be "heroic", besides being one of these bipolar disordered types...and being childless.


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          Lord, it's difficult to find words. Disturbing and dreadful is all I can come up with, but that would be an understatement.

          How, I think sociopath fits more than simply bipolar in the case of Millett. Not all bipolars are this sort of nasty type.


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            I realize I drifted away from the essence of the thread. Thanks for pointing out what you did. I just get pissed when people used murders for agendas and the yoyo who I mentioned with the disorder has done so. My error.

            Anyway...its a movie that will "get to you" when you see it. Take it from Stan Reid and me.


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              My words "Disturbing and dreadful is all I can come up with, but that would be an understatement" were in relation to the movie. It's not something I could watch fully, the short bit I saw made me sick to my stomach.

              My last post was to just add that not all Bipolars are evil. Ms Millett is someone that sickens most Bipolars, and most Bipolars hate murder of any kind. Paedophila too. And most also hate when someone uses mental illness as an excuse for murder. People that do this have something more than simply Bipolar going on.


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                Will note this case on my half centenary thread in a couple days but Sylvia Likens was being tortured 50 years ago and died 50 years ago next Monday as a result. I remember this case in the news, real time, and our minister even mentioned the crime in his sermon at church shortly after Gertrude Baniszewski's arrest. Gertrude, 46, wasn't just satisfied with screwing her 14-year-old boyfriend apparently.

                R.I.P. Sylvia