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    Hi Tim

    Fascinating pics, and thanks...

    One caption that jarred a little though was that to the effect that ENIAC was the world's first computer, ignoring the German (1936 to 1938) Z1, the British (1943) Colossus and the US (1937 to 1942) ABC Computer...I believe there was even a subsequent court ruling that the ENIAC patent was invalidly gained and that the ABC Computer came first...

    The Zuse story is a fascinating one...working entirely in isolation, both before and during the war, if any one man could be said to have done more than any other towards inventing the modern computer it might well be Zuse...and yet he's so widely unknown...

    Of course going back further you have Babbage's "Difference Engine" and "Analytical Engine", though through lack of funding neither were ever completed until modern times...

    Sorry...I'm digressing...

    All the best