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Photos From Inside A Captured First World War German U-Boat (1918)

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  • Photos From Inside A Captured First World War German U-Boat (1918)

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    Quick! Turn the emergency wheel, or we will all die!!
    "In these matters it is the little things that tell the tales" - Coroner Wynne Baxter during the Nichols inquest.


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      Apple release their latest upgrade of Final Cut Pro X


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        There is a World War II U-Boat on display at Birkenhead on Merseyside. It is one of only three WWII U-Boats that can still be seen by the public. One is in Chicago, another in Germany, and this one in Birkenhead. U-534 was the last U-Boat to leave Nazi Germany and there is some mystery about the submarine and its last mission.

        The following link includes some neat videos --

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          There is the rusting hulks of two WW1 U-Boats on mud flats on the river Medway. They were purchased for the diesel engines/generators to power a cement works. After the engines were removed they were towed away for scrap but due to bad weather they came adrift and had to be abandoned.