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Are cell phones destroying the college classroom?

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  • Are cell phones destroying the college classroom?

    Are cell phones destroying the college classroom?
    I would say probably. Given my own experience with my daughters and grand daughters, phones seem to be their lives. Trying to get conversations out of them, especially the young ones is getting more difficult. They can be a great source of knowledge but they donít use them that way itís all messaging and stupid videos. To quote Trump on Twitter itís sad.

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    It seems to be creating a society with short attention spans. There was a time when you might sit for hours immersed in a book, or by a stream just mentally reflecting on things. The thoughts in your own mind were the stimulus, not some outside source...or at least the thoughts of someone physically with you had your attention and respect.
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      They also have a negative effect at workplaces.
      Where I work, there's a no-cellphone policy ( except, of course, at the three breaktimes) in force.

      Likewise in the office. Too much time spent on FB, Twitter, office personnel. That got nipped in the bud long before the cellphone ban.

      Where Nina and I work, they've gone to hiring temps ( Ever work with them and you'll know why they're temps) who tried to circumvent the cellphone ban by wearing headsets. That also got nipped in the proverbial (ear) bud.
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        I've never owned a cellphone and I never will. Some people are addicted to those devices, as if it were nicotine. Too bad for them. We weren't put on this earth just to stare at our hand all day log.

        But I can see the importance of a cellphone in an emergency situation.


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          It's a difficult one. Of course they should be banned during classes, but in this politically sensitive era we find ourselves in now, there's all sorts of problems involved with actually forcing students to hand over their phones during class time. Most workplaces here are the same as over there by the sounds of it, but again it's problematic to try and enforce it as it's so widespread. A lot of people have their entire lives on these devices now - from their banking to their shopping to their socialising, etc etc.

          A lot of people, myself included, don't even bother having landlines anymore because everybody just uses mobile phones. Personally I think they're not going to go away any time soon, so it's about encouraging responsibility and choices. Yes, use them, but be disciplined enough to not have your head stuck in them all day. And if you're out with friends or having dinner or whatever, there's nothing more rude than having somebody drifting in and out of conversation because they're so focused on their screens. I think embrace the technology, but set an example that you don't need to live off it.