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  • Jack the Psycho?

    As appealing as the concept sounds, can we really believe that JTR was merely a psychopath who had to kill? Typically, a much longer period lapses between victims, and many more victims are taken than we see here. Look at the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. He killed for at least three years, and soon began taking a new victim regularly every 5 months. And he killed at least a dozen people, possibly many more, since his early victims were disposed of very efficiently in Lake Erie, and only a few of his known victims were ever identified.

    If JTR were a true psychopath, then something must have happened to make him stop the murders. He probably would not have quit on his own after only 5 - 8 victims, taken over such a short time.

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    So much has been aruged regarding the facts and evidence, that very little has been done I the way of trying to delve into the true psyche of the Ripper. Some may argue that Jack was indeed a "psychopath" (he could not distinguish right from wrong) based on the fact that he killed in highly populated areas, where the probability of being caught was seriously high. That only a dillusional person would do such a think, and take such risks. On the opposite side of the spectrum, one could also argue, that Jack was "sociopathic" (he could distinguish right from wrong), because he stopped killing when he felt the police were on to him. This arguement could be made esecially, if Tumblety is your ideal Ripper candidate.


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      The Ripper was a psychopath. Means, motive and opportunity:


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        Quite a few serial killers stop killing-or seem to stop killing-Zodiac for instance. Some carry on and change their m.o., some have huge breaks for some reason-The Grim Sleeper-Lonnie David Franklin Jr. apparently killed in 1988 then didn't kill again until 2002! Some simply move to new hunting grounds, get caught for unrelated crimes or just die.