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    Excerpted from Murder Most Foul:

    ¡§Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?¡¨
    - The Shadow radio program

    The most chilling fact about serial killers is that they can all be rational and calculating. As the "British Jeffrey Dahmer" Dennis Nilsen put it, "a mind can be evil without being abnormal."19 And some people, for whatever reason, are simply evil. This condition more often manifests itself in ways other than serial killing, but surely many killers and possibly some serial killers have in the past been motivated by pure evil and nothing more:

    ¡§In fact, just having the bodies of his victims around him made Dahmer feel thoroughly evil."19

    "I have to question whether or not there is an evil force in the world and whether or not I have been influenced by it."
    - Jeffrey Dahmer19

    ¡§It is impossible to regard a murderer¡¦s brain without an involuntary tingle of curiosity. What shocking poisons did this unique lump of flesh distill, to so subvert the mind of its owner and warp his will to evil?¡¨8

    The classic 1956 film ¡¥The Bad Seed¡¦ portrayed the story and crimes of a murderous little girl, who had apparently been born evil. Like many criminals, she kept her true self well-hidden behind a public facade. No other explanation for her behavior was ever presented in the film, but one forensic expert offers the following hypothesis on this sort of behavior today:

    ¡§If evil is to be found in the brain, then it is probably there from the very earliest years of life, and involves something very basic in the individual¡¦s personality.¡¨8

    Anyone who has ever seen the 1973 film The Exorcist knows what horrors that ¡¥demonic possession¡¦ can wreak upon a person of otherwise good character. Occasionally, the subject of demonic possession of the Ripper has arisen, to account for the horrifically evil nature and the sudden starting and stopping of the murders. Following is what the Holy Scriptures have to say on the matter:

    When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there, and the last state of that man is worse than the first.
    - Luke 11:24 - 26

    For many of a religious persuasion, Satan is known as the Father of Evil, and he bears the blame for much of what happens in the world today, as we are seen to approach the ¡¥End Days¡¦ foretold in the Book of Revelation. For Christian, Jew, and Muslim alike, Satan is always present, ready to strike in a moment of inattention or weakness on our part, and to plant the seeds of Evil where they may best grow and flourish. And, as with the Bad Seed, children are not spared:

    Children become, while little, our delights,
    When they grow bigger, they begin to fright¡¦s.
    Their sinful Nature prompts them to rebel,
    And to delight in Paths that lead to Hell.
    - John Bunyan, Book for Boys and Girls (1686)19

    Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both only ten or eleven years of age, viciously murdered a little two-year old boy, James Bulger, in one of the most heart-rending and horrifying crimes of the 20th century. Yet nothing in their pasts had indicated that they were capable of committing such a crime. When questioned as to their motive, the prosecutor of the case simply characterized them as ¡¥evil¡¦ in his presentation to the media.

    While on the twin subjects of evil and children, we make note to expand the latter category to include young adults, the intent being to consider the question whether or not the Ripper could have actually been someone much younger than has been popularly thought. As we have seen for this premise and earlier in the introductory section, teenagers and young adults have in modern times been quite capable of committing crimes of Ripper-like violence. And, as all men know, once the hormone flood begins at puberty, sexual thoughts may occupy a teenager¡¦s brain to the exclusion of all else. As many a young man, especially in the last two centuries, has visited a prostitute for his sexual initiation, it is unlikely that the victims would have ever suspected someone of such tender years approaching them, even in the autumn of 1888. Some conventional Ripper suspects such as George Chapman were only in their early twenties when the Whitechapel Murders occurred; is it really so great a stretch to shave off a few more years, given that an oppressive and miserable life may rapidly harden a boy into a man, in spite of his physical youth? Children and young adults can be quite cruel as a matter of routine, and, as we have seen, they can assuredly be evil as well; could one possibly have been clever ¡V and evil - enough to have become history¡¦s most infamous serial killer?

    Evil has always simultaneously fascinated, attracted, and repelled us. Those who in 1973 denied the existence of the Living God, and there are many atheists and agnostics today, were all too ready to accept and believe the concept of demonic possession after viewing a mere film. Yes, evil is found throughout the world; the only question is where:

    ¡§One of the most impressive aspects about evil is its sheer banality. There is a persistent relationship between even the most terrible crimes and the commonplace, everyday things that make up normal life.¡¨17

    Conclusion ¡V if the Ripper were simply an evil person, he would have not hesitated to kill, probably being limited only by time. His other motives for mutilation and leaving of the victims in public could have been as follows:

    „h Jack the Bogeyman
    „h Jack the Mad Man
    „h Jack the Bad Man
    „h Jack the Jolly Man
    „h Jack the Egotist
    „h Jack the Thrill-seeker
    „h Jack the Anarchist
    „h Jack the Blind Man

    Public Display

    „h Jack the Practical Man
    „h Jack the Bogeyman
    „h Jack the Egotist
    „h Jack the Obsessed
    „h Jack the Thrill-seeker
    „h Jack the Anarchist
    „h Jack the Litterbug


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    Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both only ten or eleven years of age, viciously murdered a little two-year old boy, James Bulger, in one of the most heart-rending and horrifying crimes of the 20th century. Yet nothing in their pasts had indicated that they were capable of committing such a crime. When questioned as to their motive, the prosecutor of the case simply characterized them as ¡¥evil¡¦ in his presentation to the media.
    Didn't they state they were inspired by the Chucky movies? It always stayed in my mind because I find it weird that they watched that movie and started killing somebody while millions of others (and I'm among them) never got any such ideas.

    I think these two kids already had a certain mental condition before they saw the movie and this behaviour was triggered by that movie. This doesn't imply that the movie is the source of their evil thoughts, it just 'awakened them', so to speak. The same could be said about the Littleton case (in which apparently the music of Marilyn Manson made them do it).

    Now I did read this morning in the book When London Walked In Terror that the stage play of Jeckyll & Hyde was stopped because of the muders. Could Jack had been inspired by this tale and take it to even more extremes?



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      As "unscientific" as it may sound, I have met people in my lifetime, whom I thought were the posterchild of "evil".


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        I don't think we should discount the possibility of demonic possession or influence entirely.
        Any person who practices or evens dabbles in black magic opens themselves up to demonic influence and possession. Just as Christians welcome being filled with the holy spirit, satanists and black magicians welcome being filled with the forces of evil or darkness. The entire "Vampire" underground society is based on this, and many people (myself included) who have witnessed or been involved to any degree in any of these things can tell you that demons are real and they do possess people.
        Some black magicians welcome it as the demonic presence grants them strength and courage to accomplish things they could not otherwise.
        Anyway, if we are operating under the assumption that JTR was performing a black magic ritual to gain power, I think we need to consider the possibility of demonic influence.


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          Mary Bell

          Who could look at the face of this sweet 10-year-old girl and ever imagine her to be one of the youngest serial killers ever discovered? Was this youngster who killed her playmates without any feelings of guilt the result of a monstrous family or a bad seed or something else?

          Food for thought for those who think the concept of a really young Ripper is ridiculous.
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            While admittedly Mary Bell's "Meh. Whaddeva." attitude is STILL chilling, she killed a tiny kid. Far cry from murdering prostitutes, I'd say.
            My sister and I once wrote a spoof Ripper theory involving a gang of rowdy hooligans (Druitt's inability to stop them led to his suicide). The "carroty moustache" was a smear of orange marmalade. But, I fear, the idea of a juvenile Ripper may end there.
            The Mary Bell story is a fascinating one, though. Give it a look if you're unfamiliar.


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              I have a problem with a non-spatial spirit that is also localised within someone's body. Seems like a contradiction to me.



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                G'day Kelly, Rob, Sorcia, everyone,

                Sorcia, I've been to 'Christian Revival' sessions and have watched as these people talk themselves into a trance and reckon they're talking to God, the same with occultists. Then they changed back into their normal clothes and went about their every day lives. This is not normal behaviour - gibbering away in a language they don't understand (if it is a language) and thinking they're talking to a being which has yet to be proven exists. I've got more proof that I exist than either 'God' or 'Satan'. I've got a birth certificate.

                Kelly, I read the story about that little shit years ago and it reminded me of the James Bulger case in '93. Venables and Thompson were 12yr old kids when they murders that little kid and yet they looked as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

                I reckon those two should have been strung up instead fo being given different identities and a new life (my opinion).

                Without cheating and using the net - who is the youngest person you can remember who was caught for murder?



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                  Jules..I believe it was an 8 year old in the States.

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                    Can kids be evil?

                    Gday. this is an old thread but to me relevant. I deal with children every day of my working life. Kids are( not can be) anti-social and down right nasty. Always have been. How can you spot a homicidal Jack? Look in the playground.



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                      Dear Kim:

                      Its sort of a puzzle though, isn't it?

                      Which are more likely to be homicidal....those kids who are more aggressive or those who are more passive in childhood?
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