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Religion drove Jack the Ripper

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    Thanks, Howard - Butů.

    Hi - thanks. I saw that when you posted it and, golly, that particular opinion doesn't do much to convince anyone except the journalist's varied motives. Even the writer doesn't sound convinced.

    I think an excuse or overlay of religion in some way is possible for the various Whitechapel crimes, like so many possibilities, but if it is there somewhere it certainly seems more like a buzz in the killer(s) brain than anything driving him or them.

    Cagey and lazy for a sexually sadistic lust killer to try to play the religion card. I could only see it, actually, if the scenario included a masochistic side of the whole thing for which there is no evidence except the data that show (I'm repeating myself from other posts) this sort of case sometimes includes a shame or rage turned the other way as well as at the targets.

    Thanks again, How.

    And how.