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  • Jack the Clinton Democrat?

    Excerpted from Murder Most Foul:

    ¡§The end justifies the means.¡¨
    - Machiavelli, The Prince

    The concept of a social reformer exposing the deplorable conditions in London¡¦s East End by committing the Whitechapel Murders, knowing that they would focus the world¡¦s attention on that area, is an old one and has been addressed by authors as diverse as Donald Rumbelow, Donald McCormick, and Harlan Ellison. To be able to clean up the slums of one of Earth¡¦s major cities single-handedly, by the mere blood sacrifice of a few of society¡¦s castoffs, would have truly been a liberal¡¦s dream and could have actually been attempted as an early experiment in ¡¥social engineering¡¦:

    ¡§There are many aspects in these crimes that support the idea of "Jack the Reformer". I can't forget the following verse (from the book "The Identity of Jack the Ripper" by Donald McCormick):¡¨

    "I've no time to tell you how
    I came to be a killer.
    But you should know, as time will show,
    That I'm society's pillar."
    - Jose Luis Carril Miguens10

    Is this concept farfetched? Many have thought not, including George Bernard Shaw, who looked upon the Ripper as an ¡¥independent genius¡¦, able to do what the Social Democrats in 1888 London could not9. In further support of the position that this sort of thing could have happened, we examine the content of an interesting URL on the Internet, termed ¡¥Clinton Body Count¡¦24. Incredibly, this site gives the names and details concerning dozens of people once associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton, all of whom have since met with violent deaths, and often under the most suspicious of circumstances. Some of these deaths, such as that of Vincent Foster, were obviously beneficial to the Clintons, and one is left wondering if there really may be any substance to the inferences drawn. Certainly, one cannot deny that neither this ultra-liberal, latter-day Lady Macbeth nor her libidinous husband has ever let anything stand in their way for very long. As Richard Whittington-Egan told Paul Feldman, albeit for a far different reason, "There comes a time when circumstantial evidence is no longer circumstantial".10

    Naturally, someone of this persuasion would worry about the ¡¥negative¡¦ ramifications of the murders about as much as one of the Tsar¡¦s Cossacks would worry about which peasant owned the cabbage patch through which he was galloping. If the government actually fell due to the Ripper¡¦s actions, and it very nearly did, then so much the better ¡V ¡¥it was too conservative anyway¡¦. And if the murder and gross mutilation of three or four useless old whores did not produce the desired result, well, then, maybe the total and outrageous destruction of a young and pretty one would.

    Conclusion ¡V if the Ripper were a liberal social reformer, he would not have hesitated to kill, probably being limited only by time. His other motives for mutilation and leaving of the victims in public could have been as follows:


    „h Jack the Anarchist
    The Ripper would have had just one goal - to make the crimes as grisly and as horrifying as possible, so as to draw the maximum attention to them and the area in which they were committed.

    Public Display

    „h Jack the Anarchist
    The Ripper¡¦s leaving of the victims in public could be attributed to only one possibility ¡V to embarrass the government, draw the maximum world attention to the area affected, and to maximize public outrage, thus raising the cry for sweet liberal reform.


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    It's high time this option was investigated....
    [email protected] gives the following statistics:

    Prostitutes in London: 80,000
    Prostitutes in WC:...... 1,200

    Are the stats anywhere near correct?
    If so, why Whitechapel? Why the only place with the worst conditions outside of Five Points, NY?
    The odds look fairly stacked....But there are many options within any option....


    • #3

      I have always wondered about that figure and just recently discussed them with you or General Franz in an e-mail.

      That statistic says that only 1.5 percent of ALL London's 80,000 prostitutes worked in the East End. This is simply unrealistic.


      • #4
        Is it unrealistic when Whitechapel had only 2% of the population of London?
        (2.4% to be exact according to the population statistics I found.)
        And when most of that population was Jewish?

        What were those Russian women putting D'Onston up to, Chairman How?


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          Something stinks like a Pauly Shore standup routine here,Jack......

          Maybe we ought to investigate these statistics for their veracity...


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            I don't think it matters even if Whitechapel was a 50-50 proposition, How Chi Ming....
            Don't you know that spiritualists tend to be communistic? It's all part of that Kolchak phenomenon!
            If you want a real capitalist, you might consider switching to Maybrick!


            • #7
              Two words in favour of a socialist motive, be it either conscious or sub-conscious:

              John Rees (1810-?)
              a.k.a. Jack the Fifer
              Mason at Tredegar Ironworks
              From Newport, Wales, center of Chartist movement
              One of the leaders of the Newport uprising in 1839
              Texas Army soldier, in first battle of the Alamo


              • #8
                To equate Jack the Ripper as a liberal/socialist Democrat or in association with the Clintons is the lowest thing I have EVER heard!!! The Ripper had SOME morals, unlike the Clintons. If the Ripper heard you identifying him with villains like the Clintons he'd spin in his grave like whirling dervish or severely beat you. Now come on. Apologize to Jack the Ripper and beg his forgiveness. For pentence you're going to have to listen to 40 hours of Hillary Clinton campaign speeches and allow yourself to be driven around all over Taxachusetts by Ted "The Lifeguard" Kennedy after a night of binging.


                • #9
                  Good post,Instructor !! Very good !

                  ...especially this part, "and allow yourself to be driven around all over Taxachusetts by Ted "The Lifeguard" Kennedy after a night of binging.


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                    Actually, the idea of the ripper being some form of socialist out to change the world of 1888 London could have some merit. It's been brought time and again that the Ripper could of been somebody who was trying to use the plight of the poor people in London, the prostitutes and others, as victims of politics to further their own sociali or political agenda. What I wonder is: Is there evidence to show that a single political movement, socialist or communist or any other, used or linked the plight of poor Londoners AND other deaths, etc. to effectively influence elections? In other words, can a serious link be established involving elections, parties or candidates that also correspond to the deaths of the Ripper's victims? In other words, did a specific political candidate or party lose or win an election over the Ripper's actions? I guess what I would be looking for would be the timing of the deaths, the end of the attacks and so on realistically linking back to politics in some way. That would then give the idea of Jack being a social reformer some merit.