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  • Peculiar organ required

    I came across this recently...

    The Eastern Post & City Chronicle
    Saturday, 29 September 1888.

    From inquiries made at some of the great medical institutions it has been ascertained that requests similar to that of the American gentleman have before been made; but the peculiar conditions attaching to the requests could not possibly be complied with, unless the operation were performed before or immediately after death

    I was wondering what the peculiar conditions might be that are impossible to comply with unless the organ is harvested at the implied moment of death?

    As we are talking of the uterus, the only thing I can think of, sorry to be a bit crude, is one with live sperm in it

    Can you think of anything else?

    If such a request was made at a medical institution and refused, one can see how that might be connected directly with the Ripper murders as it was out of the ordinary to require such a thing (or similar) , rather than the reported request for uteri at £20 each being just that, a crude offer of money for an organ which would otherwise be easy to obtain from a hospital or college etc

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    This suggests that someone was inquiring about obtaining a uterus which had just been inundated with semen.

    This is a radically different story, isn't it Nemo ? This isn't what Baxter mentioned at the Chapman Inquest in any way shape or form.

    Very good of you to bring this up. Its news to me at least. Up to now, the "American Doctor" story has just been a claim that someone was interested in taking specimens back across the Atlantic without the details found in the Eastern Post.....

    Thanks Neems !


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      No problem Howard

      There might be another reason but I can't think of one requiring removal of the organ before death etc


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        Here's one -

        A contemporary suggestion of a requirement for the organ to be in a state of arousal...

 imaginative major in the Royal Fusiliers, Charles Latham, opined that a well-to-do medical student was experimenting with female genitalia in a state of sexual arousal.

        In loving detail he explained how the killer had grown "mad enough" - although sane in all other respects - to procure the desired organ "under a condition of activity and excitement." With knife in hand along with a bottle of spirits and a damp sponge he would stalk his victim and take her to a dark spot for "an immoral purpose."

        After cutting her throat while "actually having connection," he would rip open her stomach, remove the womb, and place it in the bottle so that he could study it in his secret laboratory in Whitechapel