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A JACK in the Making?

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  • A JACK in the Making?

    Now HERE's a type of suspect that no one has ever promoted before.

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    13 Years old and he has already stabbed and killed his way through his early teen years, thats just scary.


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      Mike, it happens more than people like to think. What's sad is when a juvenile killer gets off and waits to strike again. This is a game for some of them and lives are the prize. If he wins and fools the jury, he gets to kill again. If the state wins a conviction, then somebody else's life is saved. I've seen three kids that were remorseless killers in my day. They killed 5 other kids for their total body count. Not good.


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        One thing to consider is that all the liberal and conservative approaches to reducing these crimes doesn't seem to work.

        There is something wrong when I....a guy who is usually either at work or at home with little outside communication other than on these boards...knows of at least a dozen friends and family with children with this "new disease" of ADD or this hyperactive shit that kids are being treated for today. Special "handlers" are found in Philadelphia public schools for these poor kids...who are White,negro, and,poor,in the middle...and begin displaying this behavior very early on.

        Maybe we should have a discussion here on what "to do" about this alarming dilemma. I have a grandson who has this ADD....and others close to me have children with this condition as well. My grandson isn't going to go slice and dice the community up, but where the hell did this "thing" come from?
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          I remember the Jamie Bulger case a few years ago.
          Little Jamie was enticed from his mother in a shopping centre by two boys, they took him to a local train track and attacked him woth bricks, until he died.

          They of course blamed it on ChildsPlay 3 which was banned in a massive anti video nasty campaign in the uk.

          (It did add value to my copies) the little brats responsible were put in a type of Juvinile detention centre, given new identities and sent on world cruises and safaris to teach 'em a lesson.

          Thia kiddie killers are out now and could be living anywere under new names, as a parent i am not allowed to know were they are, but if i ever found out and got hold of em, I would blame it on the Queens Speech!!

          So far hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on these two, whilst the poor parent got nothing, and thats the British Justice system!!


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            My youngest son is an ADHD (Attention Deficent Hyper Activity) child. He has a very short attention span, the AD part, and he was/still can be hyper active, the HD part. I have no doubts that his problem is real because of the way he was as a child. He's now 20 years old and pretty much grown out of it. The thing is with children, most of them do have something wrong with them when they are little. I had childhood asthma as a newborn and nearly died from it. I outgrew my asthma and moved on. Howard probably had something too like congentital intelligence or pre-adult brillance or some other issue and managed to overcome his issues. The key here is if you let labels bother you or get in your way, they WILL dictate how you live your life. Some of us have the ability to overlook, ignore or outgrow some of our problems be they mental, medical or personal. This is why doctors, psychiatrists and pyscologists get used so much in our courtrooms today. It's because they can label things in a person and "explain away" the bad conduct of modern day kids. Trouble is that these experts can't fix most of what is truly sick or broken in some people so that person remains dangerous to himself and society as a whole.


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              Ah...The good, old days. When people were actually held responsible for their actions. Is there any doubt whatsoever, Price knows exactly what he's doing? Whether it be murder or legal manipulation? Just reading his quotes, there's no doubt in my mind.

              Here, the legal adult age is 18. And not a day before (literally). According to the Canadian government, something chemical just magically transpires in one's brain on their 18th birthday. Suddenly, they are able to tell right from wrong, good from bad. Only then are they able to make rational judgements for themselves.

              Let me tell you something....If by your early teens, you are unable to do any of the above things, you have no right to be out walking amongst the rest of civilized society. You should be locked up, and kept medicated until you can. I'm tired of having to sign petition after petition on behalf of murder victims, PLEADING to the judicial system to consider a 17 year-old, who's already a longtime offender, to be treated like the adult he ALREADY is.


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                Jack in the making?

                Gday. Kids with Add, ADHD, Asperger's etc, if they presented as very different they went to a 'special' school with adults who would give them more specialized attention and they were with kids who were like themselves.

                A long time ago, 'inclusive' education reared its head, which said that these kids are not to be 'isolated ' but to be placed within the mainstream. This was govt talk for cutting costs.

                Today, we have kids with mild to not quite severe and sometimes severe medical/behavioural/sociological problems going to school with the average child.

                Is Jack born or is Jack a result of upbringing or both? I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist. Our Jack would not have had the services of either. Is there a Jack in the making? I believe there have been many Jacks over the centuries.

                I don't think Jack was a 19th century invention. It's just that he appeared in the most populous city on Earth when mass publications were appearing ( and let's not forget that literacy was improving so that the public could not only afford the penny dreadfuls but also could read them).



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                  How, i think I have/had this attention deficit thing-especially at primary school.It happened when the lessons got boring ----which was most of the time!