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  • Leopold & Loeb, 2004 remake

    Another 'thrill kill' by a most unlikely perpetrator. Just a murder though, with no mutilation. And 'smart' as he was, he was still caught. Somehow I don't see JTR cut from this same cloth.

    Eagle Scout accused of murdering to outsmart investigators
    WEYAUWEGA, Wis. (AP) — Gary Hirte, a high school scholar, star athlete and Eagle Scout whose name seemed to be in the local paper all the time, is accused of committing murder — not for money, or revenge, but simply to see if he could get away with it.
    The Weyauwega-Fremont High School senior was charged last month in an arrest that was met with shock and disbelief in this small town of 1,800, where Hirte has long been the golden boy. He was accused of killing 37-year-old Glenn Kopitske.
    "It was like a challenge for him," sheriff's Capt. Steve Verwiel said. "I would attribute it to arrogance."
    Hirte, 18, told friends about the crime, but none of them took him seriously, authorities said. Finally, five months after the slaying, a girl he once dated went to police because she feared he would commit suicide out of remorse.
    Hirte apparently sought out and stalked Kopitske, a substitute teacher who ran unsuccessfully for state Assembly in 2000, authorities said. Verwiel would not say if the two knew each other.
    Kopitske's mother found him dead Aug. 2 in his rural house about seven miles outside of Weyauwega. He had been shot in the head, stabbed twice in the back and once in the heart.
    The arrest has shaken this community about 90 miles north of Madison, tucked between farm fields and home to a cheese production company, a plastic bag producer and a sawmill.
    Hirte was the city's first Eagle Scout in 20 years. He is an honor student and a 6-foot-4, 270-pound member of the track, wrestling and football teams, and has a steady 14-year-old girlfriend. Readers of the town's weekly paper knew all about his achievements.
    "This kid had everything going for him," Mayor Howard Quimby said. "He can do anything he sets his mind to."
    Quimby, who knows Hirte's family and worked with him on his Boy Scout merit badges, said he did not believe Hirte killed to see if he could outsmart investigators, and "I don't think anybody in town can believe the situation."
    Hirte's attorneys asked to have the case dismissed Tuesday. Defense attorney Gerald Boyle said Hirte claims he was not involved in the murder. Boyle said Hirte will plead not guilty at his arraignment Thursday.
    Paul Mayou, who owns the Dairy Queen in Waupaca where Hirte has worked weekends for 2 1/2 years, said that when he first heard about Hirte's arrest, he thought it had to be a hunting accident or maybe an auto wreck. Mayou said he is keeping Hirte's job open for him.
    "We're standing by him based on what we know about him," he said.
    Mayou said Hirte was polite and quiet, got along with everyone, and despite being one of the football team's best players, never bragged. "He had a level head and didn't think too much of himself," Mayou said.
    Hirte was jailed on $200,000 bail. Prosecutors asked that his bail be raised because he and his current girlfriend discussed committing suicide together.
    For five months, investigators had been stumped by the slaying. Police didn't look at Hirte as a suspect until a friend, Olivia Thoma, came forward Jan. 1, worried Hirte might harm himself, Verwiel said.
    According to a police report, Hirte told Thoma about the crime at a county fair a few weeks after the slaying when they agreed to disclose their biggest secrets. She did not take him seriously.
    Police recorded a Jan. 28 call between Thoma and Hirte when he described crime details that were not public, Verwiel said.
    Hirte also allegedly told his friend Eric Wenzelow. The two young men had visited Kopitske's house in July, before the slaying, and Wenzelow thought they were looking for deer, authorities said.
    Hirte later told Wenzelow he drove his father's car to the house, found Kopitske naked and killed him, authorities said.
    Police took Hirte in custody at school Jan. 29 and searched his house. His parents "were in disbelief and we had to explain to them exactly why we were there," Verwiel said.
    Police found the dead man's keys in Hirte's room and two shotguns in the basement.
    Kopitske lived alone and wanted to get into acting and comedy, said his mother. "He was kind of a loner and a little bit different, eccentric, and that made him a target," Shirley Kopitske said.

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    Another superego

    You got that right, Tim. It is almost a carbon copy of the 1920's Loeb and Leopold murder.

    For us, its not really anything new.

    Someone should send those profilers this clipping.
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      Leopold and Loeb, Another Update

      ...circa 2006

      RICHMOND, Texas -- Morbid curiosity was given as the motive by one of two suspects charged with killing 16-year-old Ashton Glover, KPRC Local 2 reported Monday.Matthew McCombs arrived in Fort Bend County Monday afternoon after he waived extradition from Michigan, where he and Sean Brown were captured while trying to cross the U.S.-Canada border into Ontario.McCombs and Brown, both 18, were charged with murder in the death of Glover on Wednesday."McCombs has given a statement," Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright said. "We think the statement, at this point, is pretty accurate because it's collaborated by some of the facts that we have."

      Wright said McCombs implicated Brown in the killing but admitted to pulling the trigger."The pistol that we recovered in the search warrant at McCombs' house is indeed the murder weapon," Wright said. "Mr. McCombs pulled the trigger (with a) 22-32. It's an old model replica, a frontier model, an old pistol. You can still buy ammunition for it, I think, but those guns have been out of production for some time."He said that McCombs stole the gun from a friend's grandmother's house in Kerrville.Wright did not elaborate on the statement or motive in order to not jeopardize the case. He also would not say why Glover was the victim."I'll have to stop with the statement made -- morbid curiosity. Of course, there's more answers to that, but, after conferring with the district attorney and others, they requested that we not go beyond that," he said.

      Wright said Glover was shot in the head on July 7 in the field where she was found three days later. After the teens killed Glover, they went to breakfast before returning to bury her, officials said."It was premeditated," Wright said. "We were talking to the district attorney earlier, and I don't believe it's going to reach, at this point, the level of a capital murder."McCombs will go before a judge for a probable cause hearing Tuesday morning.Brown is fighting extradition, but authorities hope to bring him back to Texas soon. Another hearing will be held next month.Glover was last seen at the It's A Grind coffee shop on Sweetwater Boulevard in Sugar Land. She was found dead by a construction crew laying utility lines off of Oil Field Road and Thompson's Ferry Road on July 10.Glover's mother went to the Fort Bend County jail to catch a glimpse of one of the people accused of killing her daughter."I just miss my baby and I just want justice to be served. That's all I want," mother Sue Smith said.

      'Morbidly curious', they were, just as were the originals 80 or so years ago. This crime happened very close to where I live and it has been in the news since it occurred last week. Not very well-planned at all, but they were cool enough to go get some breakfast before returning to bury the girl.

      I wonder if any of their ilk has ever been curious enough to open the body and abstract an organ just for jolly? Jeffrey Dahmer was facinated by innards and would stand over a freshly killed and opened body to revel in the sight and smell while steam was still issuing forth. Maybe the mystery of the missing organs doesn't lie in some explanation as involved as corpse-candles.....


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        "Another hearing will be held next month.Glover was last seen at the It's A Grind coffee shop on Sweetwater Boulevard in Sugar Land."

        Thats even more of a tragedy,as Sugar Land Texas was just recently considered one of America's top three spots to live in.

        I have a curiosity,maybe a wee bit morbid,to see these two scumbags set on fire and then give me the fire extinguisher.
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