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    As I was trolling through the web looking for images to use in the weekly captioning contest, I found this arresting illustration.

    The theory of 'Jill the Ripper' is well-known and deservingly disparaged, but even someone as astute as Arthur Conan Doyle theorized that the Ripper might have made his escapes disguised as a woman.

    JTRForums is proud to present here, for the first time ever, the theory that maybe consideration should be given to the concept of a bearded lady as the Ripper. This would be the best of both worlds in these respects - someone whom the victims would have trusted but whom the authorities would never have suspected. And how easy it would have been for such an individial to cross-dress with good effect. Throw in a removable beard such as was available in 1888 and you have got yourself a pretty foolproof modus operandi.

    Bear in mind that the illustration below is from the late Victorian era, so such unfortunate women did exist at the time of the Whitechapel Murders, and their condition could certainly have made them truculent enough to slit a few throats. The companion thread in this forum, Jack the X-Filer, contains relevant information that further supports a theory of this sort.

    So forget Tumblety, Maybrick, D'Onston, and those other dead-enders; this is the future of Ripperology.
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  • #2 "found" these babes while trolling the Internet?'

    Suuuuuure,you did.

    Whipping out photos of "past conquests" doesn't cut it,dude.

    Besides,the one on the right ain't THAT bad...........

    Just my opinion.

    Good find Tim !
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