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Was JTR the classic mad genius?

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  • Was JTR the classic mad genius?

    When the subject of JTR being insane comes up, it typically is of the David Cohen variety, whereby JTR really did become a drooling idiot at the end.

    I was thinking more of a Hannibal Lecter type, someone who was genuinely insane but it did not affect his reasoning powers. Trouble is, I cannot recall any real characters who fit this bill, although there are plenty in fiction. Does anyone have any such in mind? We're talking genuinely insane here.

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    Well I don't see him as some wacko hearing voices. I believe he's intelligent (if not highly intelligent) and knew damn well what he was doing.

    If he was suffering from a mental illness then why did he stop killing? I don't believe he spent his last years in an asylum; this somehow doesn't seem fitting. Again, I think he was intelligent and I think he had a certain degree of control over whatever went on in his head. Otherwise he would have definitely been caught.

    I'm curious what other people think on this matter.



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      I tend to agree.

      I've stated this before. People who are "psychopathic", or possibly hearing voices, tend not to have the necessary ability to perform rational thinking. Their illness or injury impedes this process, and tends to take over the thought process as a whole. A person who was "sociopathic" (Can tell right from wrong, but cares nothing for the consequences of their actions), may decide to commit a murder. They plan it, clean up after, change clothes, dispose of the weapon and evidence, and flee the scene. A "psychopathic" person (Cannot tell right from wrong. Very likely dellusional), would most likey kill in the spur of the moment, and would most likey be caught shortly thereafter, because they wouldn't be able to think clearly like the sociopath, and cover their tracks.

      Some FBI profilers tend to believe that, due to the nature of Jack's kills (highly popultated areas of town, with a high risk of being caught), that he was "psychopathic", and just fortunate enough to get away with it. Personally, I'm not so sure. If he was, I honestly believe he would have left far, more evidence behind then he did.


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        Imagine a Hannibal Lector

        When I started this thread, I did not have a loony in mind, but a real criminal genius who just happened to be a little insane, such as the fictional Hannibal Lector. Like you, I really would not expect to find JTR hearing voices in his head.


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          .................AND because human nature being what it is,people,especially those looking DOWN on another or others,will take the easiest course, in terms of judgement. Likewise,no one can fathom a Solar Temple cult composed of hill people from Northeast Alabama. It is unique...
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            I have a feeling he chose to stop killing. Maybe he set out to kill a spcific number of people, or maybe he stopped because he felt his luck would eventually run out if he kept doing so. Either way, I believe the choice was entirely his, and he made the decision to stop.