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    While still suffering from this cold, I have been reading some of my book collection, one title of which is Whoever Fights Monsters.

    On page 129 is a discussion of Herbert Mullin.
    "Mullin's father directed him to kill his second victim as a sacrifice and also to test the hypothesis that the environment was being polluted and that an earthquake might be nigh. Accordingly, he picked up a female hitchhiker on a highway and then plunged a knife into her chest as he was driving. In the woods, he undressed her, spread-eagled her legs, and cut her abdominally, in order to investigate his hypothesis of pollution. He took her organs out and examined them, hanging them on nearby branches so he could see them better."

    CrimeLibrary's discussion is found at It offers the following:

    As a means of understanding serial killers, renowned FBI investigator Jon Douglas used this figure of speech: "If you want to understand the artist, look at his work." Mullin took the notion a step further — if you want to understand the artist, recreate his work. After reading Irving Stone's biography on Michelangelo, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Mullin decided that, as a serious artist, he should do what the famous Renaissance sculptor did — dissect a body. "Michelangelo spent hours and hours secretly dissecting bodies so he could find out about the form of the human body for his painting and sculpture and stuff. That's why his works are so much better than anyone else's. It gave him insight others didn't have." His mom had given him the Michelangelo book, hoping that Herb would be inspired to use art as an emotional outlet. What it inspired was another murder, and the most grisly one in Mullin's career. (In a rare twist of maternal wrath, Herb blamed his mother for this killing, believing that she gave him the book as a "hint" to dissect someone. "I think she was trying to tell me what to do, so I could have this insight too.")

    Well, here's one explanation of the Whitechapel Murders.

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    I brought up Herb Mullin recently as first, an example of someone with a confused sexuality...he claimed he was a homosexual...and that if he was a homosexual. here's a case of a homosexual mutilating a heterosexual female. Mullin,of course,was a psychotic.

    Good to bring it up again.