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    Over on the recent thread "On The Fence', I approach the Chapman murder as if I didn't follow the good point you made in regard to the murders being committed in the way you suggested as if they were for effect. I didn't want you to be baffled by the seeming "flip flop" on my part, its just that at times we can hold two different concepts about the same incident and this is one time that I personally do. I do think you have a good point about the possibility of the murders being committed with "effect" in mind...but at the same time, I think its possible that the Ripper was of another mindset when he did so...primarily because I often think he didn't intend to kill Chapman at first.

    This is all a result of overthinking on my part,I suppose, and often having thoughts overlap other points I consider in the Case. Again,I post this just so you know what page I'm on in.

    Trying to develop an all-encompassing general theory in an incomplete case is difficult.
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      Beware psychology <g>

      I imagine him doing the mutilations for his pleasure, and then he's proud of his "work" and wants to show the world how powerful he is.


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        No problem Howard

        You will often hear me put forward conflicting views,, scenarios and theories

        It's healthy to do so in this case I think

        We don't know anything about the Ripper apart from his crimes

        I think we have more evidence to come to a (tentative) conclusion as to his motive than of a description of him for example

        If we could pinpoint the "Why" question, I think that would be the best starting point to work toward solving the "Who" question