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    Originally posted by How Brown View Post

    First,that someone would go to the extent of hoaxing the Lusk letter and actually procure and handle a piece of human kidney....just to get his kicks...has always impressed me as going overboard to make
    There's a point about the kidney that I think I've said before, but I can't really get out of my mind: IF it had been done by a medical student as a prank, I trully believe they would have been caught. I am certain that this episode brought a lot of heat to the med schools; it had to have had. And I don't believe a prankster wouldn't have told some friends...who told friends...and who gave him up to the coppers.

    In my old high school, every few months some moron pulled a fire alarm. And ever single time, the cops caught them. Not because they were seen, but because they told their friends. Every time.


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      This is the thing that gets me too, Sir Robert. The Lusk package was too private. Who plays pranks for private kicks apart from the truly deranged?

      It's the polar opposite of doing good works without the need to tell a soul.

      Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
      Hi Caz

      A few years ago I said, if Jack wanted to leave a message, he had all the time in the world in Miller's Court and yet left nothing. You made a good point in reply to this, but I'm jiggered if I can recall what it was. Can you remember?

      I'm jiggered if I can remember either, Robert.

      I guess it depends what kind of experimental calling card was flavour of the month for him.

      Everything he did that autumn (and everything the ripper hoaxers did) would have been an experiment.

      The double event night was arguably the right time to deliver a couple of Jewish calling cards, to keep the Leather Apron kettle boiling.

      Maybe he quickly got bored after that and designed a little Irish number for mid-month. Would devilled kidneys have featured in a late 19th century Full Irish Breakfast?

      By November the world was waiting for the man, who was then known as Jack the Ripper, to do his worst.

      He certainly left the calling card of the year at no 13, when he got right to the heart of the matter.


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        Well there's a difference between being a school kid and a senior medical school student. Everyone blames the other when you're a young kid - I'll never forget the time in Grade 6 when, for whatever reason, a couple of students decided to dob me in to the principal for breaking the lock on a teacher's office - something that I never did. As you get older, that changes though. If we say these medical students were around 20 years old, I don't think it's that likely that they would dob one of their own in - especially if a few of them had played a part in the prank. Even if they did get dobbed in, the school may have wanted to keep it a secret, simply to save face from being linked to a potential Jack the Ripper suspect(s). That could have been very dangerous for all involved.

        Unless of course it was a teacher who sent the kidney themself....then who is there to catch them? There's a thought...



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          There could be a good reason why the package was sent to George Lusk.