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Man Knifed Over Parking Spot

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  • Man Knifed Over Parking Spot

    Those Liverpudlians. Hereditary blood-letters, I tell you.

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    That sort of thing used to occur once a year in Philly. Its funny,but I haven't heard of a parking related murder lately.

    Sometimes, someone is "tuned up" on dope before they commit murder and a dispute over a parking spot or an imagined slight will set them off.

    But sometimes its occurred when the murder is totally spontaneous and over a thing like a parking spot on the street. Kids have been shot to death for throwing snowballs at peoples vehicles here. That still occurs here and happened just last Winter at least twice.


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      This sort of crime is happening much more in the UK, we seem to have reached a point where the law is no longer a deterrent. Human life seems to have lost all value for some members of society.
      I cover incidents like this in my Blog, and at the moment a large proportion of the population is up in arms about knife and gun crime, compounded by ridiculously lenient sentencing. In fact there was a story in my local newspaper in the last few days that cited half the young people caught with knives over a 3 month period were not even charged. The story can be viewed here.
      It is almost a "Lord of the Flies" culture where people are rendered feral by lack of societal and familial modelling.


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        With $20-rate public parking here in Toronto, I could totally see this happening!


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          I can just see this happening period. A lot of folks have a lot of anger in them and need help. Stephen King wrote a story about it called "Rage"


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            While stabbing someone or shooting someone would ordinarily require the average citizen to have to go into his or her house to find a weapon and then come back out and do some pokin' or shooting.....I understand the anger and subsequent action many people take when it comes to kicking someone's ass after you shovelled for an hour and a half in 10 degree weather...only to see someone come by and take that spot.

            Its against the law in Philly to put chairs and cans out to preserve your parking spot.. even after you went to all the trouble to clean the area. Yet, most cops ( I never heard of one who did ) will not get themselves involved with this "unspoken rule", as in levying tickets to those who put cans or even furniture on snow free spots. This isn't the wide open spaces of Texas...its the East Coast. Cops know how hard it is for the locals on narrow streets.

            So when some yoyo who doesn't live in the neighborhood...comes by and takes a neighbor's spot...if he doesn't move, often times, he won't be able to move once he gets inside the place he went to visit. He or she gets their tires flattened...

            Going out without a shovel, when you go into other neighborhoods waistdeep in serious snow...and taking a parking spot is a no-no.


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              Howard, good point. I never thought of it that way.I was thinking more along the lines of someone just blowing a fuse because of suppressed anger.