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Medellin execution on after pleas fail

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  • Medellin execution on after pleas fail

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    A good job, this. He is one of the vermin who, in 1993, raped and murdered two young teenage girls in Houston as part of a Mexican gang initiation. I wrote about this in my old Ripper Notes article Murder Most Foul, under the motive 'Just for Jolly':

    Murder, and sometimes mutilation, of strangers has in the past been the result of nothing more than a college prank, gang initiation rites, or simple amusement. In 1993, two 16-year old girls were killed in Houston as they walked home from a party along a railroad track in an undeveloped wooded area and had the misfortune to stumble upon the initiation rites of one of the local gangs. With the unexpected appearance of these girls, the rites were quickly altered to include their rape by the prospective members, who were then instructed to strangle and mutilate the girls by carving the gang’s ‘sign’ onto their corpses, which were then left to rot where they lay.

    A heart-rending case indeed. It turned out that one of the girls had actually escaped but went back to try to help her friend and was then recaptured, raped, and murdered for her trouble. "Jenny had gotten free and could have run away but returned to Elizabeth when she cried out for Jenny to help her." It should also be noted that the father of one of these girls has been consumed by his thirst for revenge since that day in 1993, 15 years ago now, and a recent interview with him indicates that he is still as enraged toward the perpetrators today as he was then. In 1993, he spent most of his life's savings by putting up billboard advertisements all over Houston with the girls' photos and the caption 'WHO KILLED THESE GIRLS?', with a $100,000 reward offered for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of those responsible. Today, he is in Huntsville, at the prison unit designated for execution, and he plans to watch while the lethal injection is administered. Texas allows relatives to witness the execution of those who have been convicted of killing their family members.

    Maybe JACK was as equally angry about something that might have even happened a long time before the Autumn of 1888.